Channing Tatum has risen to the top of  the list of actors at Sony Pictures to take on the lead role of 21 Jump Street. 

Deadline reports that Tatum will begin negotiations soon. 21 Jump Street’s script was written by Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall.  Tatum will star along side Hill in the film to be helmed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller who directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Fighting was one of the worst movies that I have ever seen and Tatum was the lead in that.  On a whole I am not a huge fan, even though he was decent in GI Joe.  A film like 21 Jump Street with an ensemble cast might be a good fit for Tatum.
Johnny Depp got his career jump started by th TV show of the same name from 1987 so who knows, Tatum could blow everyone away with his performance and his career could take off too.  I am not holding my breath though.

What do you think about Tatum being cast in the film?

Source: Deadline