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February 2012
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Soundtrack Review: GONE

GONE, the latest film from director Heitor Dhalia, tells the story of Jill (Amanda Seyfried), a girl who was abducted by a serial killer two years ago. When her sister disappears, Jill fears the serial killer has returned, and sets out to find her sister and face her abductor. The plot sounds like it could very easily turn into a generic kidnap/horror flick, but the original music composed for the film by David Buckley does its best to steer away from it; this soundtrack attempts to be subtle.

The first track, ‘Forest Park’, does a great job of setting the scene; it is dark and vaguely menacing, but not over-the-top. It is beautiful in its subtlety, and very effective; unfortunately, the next track, ‘Going Home’, feels more like it is geared towards the ‘cheap jumps’ we are so often confronted/bored with. The music seems to make attempts at nursing degrees of suspense in the plot and helping them grow. But instead of developing the suspense for the audience, it comes off more as over compensation. Indeed, the overall feel of the soundtrack is a balancing act between quietly atmospheric and generically jumpy. The best example of this is the track ‘Empty House’, which constantly moves back and forth between the two.

Despite its attempts at subtlety, the soundtrack, like the film, feels a little bit generic. When it’s quiet and atmospheric, it feels a little boring, and when the jumps come, you definitely know they were coming. However, it accompanies the film very well, complementing rather than overshadowing, but probably not something you’ll want to listen to without the film.

Track Listing

1.Forest Park

2. Going Home

3. Empty House

4. Police Are Waiting

5. Jill Runs For Her Life

6. Darkness Falls

7. Alameda Car Pursuit

8. Confronting Jim

9. Molly Is Safe

10. Evidence

11. Leaving The Forest

12. End Titles