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February 2012
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Movie Review: BAD ACTRESS

Directed by Robert Lee King, BAD ACTRESS is a comedy about a has-been TV star’s career that gets re-ignited when she’s accused of killing her husband. Beth Broderick (Fools Rush In), plays the main lead looking incredible, and bringing an engaging performance of a character that goes from being completely cold to suddenly explode in outbursts of emotion. You almost can never tell what is going on her mind: is she acting or are we getting her real thoughts / feelings?

This film may not appeal to everyone: it has a niche given its dark comedic tone. It habits a universe where the characters are driven by selfish desires and are almost out of any sympathy for each other. When someone dies, there are no tears or regret. It has a self mocking type of humor sometimes general audiences find hard to connect with, but if you are into very twisted types of comedy, this film would work for you. It has a sense of self detachment similar to what  we are used to in dark comedies on Broadway.

It won Best Actress in a Comedy at the New York City International film festival and is also an Official Selection at the Miami and Cleveland International Film Festivals.

Despite all the channels that cable companies like Comcast offers you probably won’t see this film airing on a network any time soon. But the good news is that Bad Actress releases on DVD on February 21, 2012.

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