Anyone who tuned into then newest Walking Dead tonight, got treated to a brand spanking new MASS EFFECT 3 trailer, entitled Take Back Earth. The trailer which is embed below showcases the reaper invasion landing on planet earth. This would be the first time we are actually shown earth in the Mass Effect universe, reminding players that it still exists.

Since the MASS EFFECT 3 demo launched on Valentines day many people have had mixed opinions. Some feel that the heavily story driven game play style of the previous two games has been pushed aside in order to make a more action orientated game. Couple this with some of the new character redesigns and environmental display, we get a game that is more build up than actual game.

As for myself, I played the demo just a few days ago and had quite mixed feelings about the who experience. On one end most of the characters now look like they belonged on the jersey shore, with their spray on tans and buffed out chests. While on the other end the guns finally have some power behind them and HUD display have been vastly improved to make game play feel more engaging. I’ve been a huge fan of Bioware’s space thriller since the first game and would be extremely disappointed to see the final installment be lackluster, if it is indeed the final chapter of the game.