Chronicle writer Max Landis recently released a short film titled THE DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN.  This film is hilarious in all aspects and I sincerely enjoyed every minute.  The film recounts the story of how DC Comics actually killed off Superman and magically resurrected him from the dead, upsetting many comic book fans.  Landis goes into great detail about the Superman comic book #75.  He does this in hilarious fashion by telling us the story in his own words, using goofy acting and obvious sarcasm to give us a hilarious parody into this comic book disaster.  The reenactments are enough to make your stomach hurt from laughing.  They are corny, goofy, and simply hilarious and perfectly matched with Landis’ rant.

This film was hilarious and everyone should check it out.  It includes an all star cast consisting of Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood, Chris Hardwick, Simon Pedd, and best of all Ron Howard.  Landis tells this story in so great that even someone who has never read a comic book could understand the story he is telling.  You can check out the video below, which is also on youtube.