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April 2012
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Danny Elfman to Release Original Score for DARK SHADOWS on May 8th

I’m aware Tim Burton can be a polarizing director, but his work is such a big part of pop culture, and a big chunk of it has been enhanced thanks to composer Danny Elfman. He wrote scores for Batman, Batman Returns, Beetlejuice, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Edwards Scissordhands, etc, and those themes still remain in my mind to this date. His Batman score rises my pulse to this date (just want to put on a cape and chase after The Joker, just need my own Alfred) , and his Beetlejuice tune doens’t stop to delight me.

His lates effort with Burton is Dark Shadows, a remake of a 70’s soap opera about a vampire living with his contemporary human family, starring Jhonny Depp. I’m personally intrigued about this film, I really enjoy the way Burton often mixes genre. I’m also expectant about how Elfman plans to mix the 70’s ambiance and the goth, he personally said Burton wants “something different’, so I can’t wait for this playlist. Even if you are not into goth, vampires, or geek, Elfman represents eclecticism , variety, cult genre, and overall genius about classical scores. So I’m definitively sinking my teeth into this soundtrack.

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