An interesting tidbit of news crossed my desk recently. It wasn’t the premise of the upcoming movie in the works You Are Here. It was that Matthew Weiner is heading up the production! Yes, the Matthew Weiner that brought us Mad Men! Now, he only has one feature film under his belt and that was an indie from back in 1996 so there’s no telling how his talents will transfer from the small screen to the big screen. He says this has been a passion project of his for a very long time. The only other time we have heard Weiner say that about a project, he sold Mad Men to AMC.

The odds are fairly negative for most people who try and make the jump from television to the film screen but I have high hopes for Weiner. The film premise doesn’t sound new or original but it at least has a decent cast. So far the film has Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, and Amy Poehler attached to star. We won’t get a chance to see the film until some point next year (2013) but I do look forward to the oncoming details and future trailer of the film. The story is that Galifianakis and Wilson are two friends who must take a road trip back home in order to claim a recently passed father. Like I said, doesn’t sound too exciting just yet.


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Source: Badass Digest