When this fake commercial for “David 8″ showed up in Youtube a couple of days ago is easy to see why it went viral immediately. It features the android from the upcoming Ridley Scot’s  Prometheus, played by the always incredible Michael Fassbender, a character a lot of people have their eyes on from that film.



In this clip Weyland Corp is showing us their latest android model TIPE ( Technological, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional ), and why it is so effective in “blending in” with humans. This video is so unsettling and uncanny, thanks to it’s dim and sterile pallet of greys and a stunning performance by Fassbender, who in my opinion can do anything. In his performance he’s so depraved of facial emotions, looking  lifeless and distant and yet so engaging ( the section when he shed a tear without practically moving any muscle gave me the chills, so fantastic. )

Prometheus is a film I can’t wait for, and this viral campaign is so effective in setting some of the tone for the film without giving anything away, wish more of them where this interesting. And Michael Fassbender as a really creepy robot being the center of it doesn’t hurt either.

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