Josh Brolin took the iconic Saturday Night Live stage last night and I was very pleasantly surprised. While he wasn’t necessarily the strongest host, this episode definitely had some strong skits.

I’m not sure on the backstage happenings, but it’s not a stretch to think that Jay Pharoah had a realization after last week’s episode. The new girl Kate had more screen time in that single episode than he probably had in the last five at least. This week he came out with no less than four separate starring sketch roles. While none of them make it in to my highlights, it was nice to see him back on the stage more. His Jay-Z, Kanye, and Will Smith were spot on of course, but his future success on the show will definitely rest on his ability to come up with original characters like that principal from the last sketch of the night.

But besides Pharaoh, there were some great sketches. I wanted to highlight the Game of Thrones sketch as well as the ones below, but it looks like it’s not available online. Damn you HBO with your online streaming rules! Oh well, let’s dig in!


The Californians

I don’t know if this is funny to anyone outside of Los Angeles, but all of the traffic jokes and that ridiculous surfer accent that everyone adopted had me rolling.

Laser Cats 7

I’m not normally a Laser Cats fan, but adding in Steven Spielberg and all the send ups to his movies added a new layer of hilarity for cinephiles and fans of his films.

Taran and Andy are huge Goyte fans

Playing off the fact that Gotye’s music video is a viral sensation, the guys decided to reenact it a bit to show just how big of fans they are. The part where they’re wearing wigs to do Kimbra’s part was my favorite!

What did you think of Josh Brolin as host? What sketch was your favorite?