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April 2012
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TV Recap: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, “Now We’re Even”

On tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, we followed three separate story lines follow our five favorite buddies. For Ted and Barney, they are broing out  by going out every single night, making every night different, from bringing a horse into the bar, to eating everything n the menu, and most everything in between.

On Marshall and Lily’s side, Marshall is seeking the man who Lily had a sex dream about, a task that he struggles to lock down.  After going through all of their friends, he unexpectedly finds the culprit in Ranjit, their personal limo driver, who made his first appearance of the season. Its always great to see him, as he’s one of my favorite characters.

Lastly, we have Robin, who is still looking to capture the fame she thought she would receive after becoming on air co-anchor. After being assigned traffic duty in a helicopter, Robin is thrown into action when the pilot suffers a stroke.  Ultimately, she is able to land the helicopter, and finally gets the fame she’s been searching for. She even gets a call from her father, who is still not proud of her.  And even Ted, who she hasn’t spoken with for a few episodes after the “I love you” relapse, even texts her congratulations. I must admit, I was slightly worried Ted was going to say I love you again in the heat of the moment, or vice versa.  Thankfully, neither happened.

The last bit of the episode is broken up into two parts. The first is Barney professing to Ted that he doesn’t like that Quinn is a stripper, always wondering what she is doing at work. This makes it pretty clear, as Ted astutely points out, that Barney is clearly in love with Quinn. Pretty much all signs are pointing to Quinn becoming Barney’s future bride, though I still have my doubts.  Lastly, we finally get a pay off of a joke that was previewed long ago.

The origin comes from Season 6 Episode 1, “Big Days” where the ending shows Ted in a green dress, telling Barney, “Ok now we’re even!” This is explained in this episode, when Barney and Ted bring up a points system to judge how awesome they are.  One thing that Ted needs to do is pick up a girl while wearing a dress, and Ted goes ahead and does that, oddly enough out on the street and not inside MacLaren’s Pub itself.

Overall, it was nice to close this small chapter, but the episode itself didn’t serve much of a purpose. The only character who took a big step forward in their life in this episode was Robin, who moved up big in her career at the news station.  At this point, its looking like Lily will be giving birth before the end of the season, combining with either Ted potentially meeting the mother, or Barney getting married, likely to Quinn.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Quinn and Barney will get married? Let us know in the comments!

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