In this week’s episode of New Girl, CeCe thinks she may be pregnant with Schmidt’s baby, Jess is asked to watch Sarah (Russell’s daughter) and thinks that it’s a test to see if she can be a good mommy, Nick’s notion that he is dating a mature woman is crushed and Winston finds out that his gruff, outspoken boss has a weak spot.

Watch the clip below to find out what Jess and CeCe think a Schmidt Baby would entail, is a baby douchebag jar in order?

Though a baby is arguably the last thing that Schimdt and CeCe can handle right now, it was an interesting turn and I was kind of excited about the possibility.  I don’t think CeCe was too far off in her estimation of a Schmidt Baby.  What do you think a Schmidt Baby would be like?

Look out for my review/recap of tonight’s New Girl episode, Kids this week.

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Video courtesy of YouTube and Fox Broadcasting.