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April 2012
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“You’re So Vain” Cover By Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp–Typical Sludgy Manson

It was only a matter of time before the oddballs of the music and film industry came together for a collaboration. Gothic rock star Marilyn Manson and Hollywood icon Johnny Depp took on “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. Since the song itself has been popular for three decades, the barely recognizable cover should have modest success. But there’s nothing new here. The hard-hitting, power chord-filled cover is so vastly different than the original, it will have fans of both artists asking “why?”

Manson’s gravelly, mean voice is a complement to the lyrics, but yet, it’s hard to see the cover as more than ‘fun.’ Nonetheless, Marilyn Manson fans will be pleased simply by new music from Marilyn Manson. What you’ve gotten from him in the past is very much what you’ll hear now.

He spoke to MTV News about collaborating with Johnny Depp:

“He played drums and lead guitar, and I played guitar and sang. It’s a bonus track on my new record and the video will probably be us looking at each other in the mirror.”

American metal band Marilyn Manson will release their eighth studio album on May 1, 2012 under both Cooking Vinyl Records and Manson’s own Hell, etc. Records.

Listen to Marilyn Manson’s “You’re So Vain” featuring Johnny Depp right here:

Does the heavy-metal take on “You’re So Vain” stray too far from the original?

Source: FlavorWire

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