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SNL Highlights: Fifty Shades of Grey, Touchdown Celebration, and Little Brothers

Will Eli Manning always be in Peyton Manning‘s shadow? With two Superbowl rings in just eight years, and now this solid turn at hosting Saturday Night Live it looks like it’s Eli’s time to shine. While he was still stiff and awkward, the writing from the SNL team really turned out a solid episode.

There are a few sketches I wanted to highlight so let’s dig in!

Fifty Shades of Grey/Kindle Ad

Fifty Shades of Grey is taking over! Originally a Twilight fanfiction that skewed more towards S&M and kinky sex, it’s now a NY Times best seller with a movie deal. And it’s the perfect book to read on a Kindle. It’s juicy and sexy and highly controversial, so it’s definitely not something you want to be seen reading in public.


Eli Manning’s Motion Capture Touchdown Celebrations

While I thought this was funny, my fiance who actually recognizes all the football players mentioned and their respective celebrations was dying during this one. The best moment was definitely Eli Manning “throwing a grenade” to celebrate.

Little Brothers

By far my favorite sketch of the night! Really not much to say about it, except it’s hilarious so just watch it already.

Overall, it was a solid effort on his part and far better than anything I was expecting. I thought it was going to be January Jones levels of badness, but this was actually a pretty solid episode, in large part thanks to the solid writing and Eli’s commitment to follow through on what was asked of him.

Who thought he'd go so far as to dress in drag? What a champ!

What was your favorite sketch from last night?


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