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Indie filmmaker David Spaltro brings us his most recent film, Things I Don’t Understand, which is about a grad student dealing with eviction in Brooklyn forms a cathartic relationship with a local bartender hiding his own secrets and a terminally ill hospice patient she’s interviewing for her thesis on what happens after we die. Sounds sad and depressing right? Well, it definitely is just that. We meet Violet who is that said grad student dealing with the terms of death. We also get a few side stories to follow along with in the forms of her two very unusual roommates.

Violet is forced by her therapist to visit a hospice hospital and speak with a cancer ridden patient close to her own age. After the first visit comes to a close, a weird relationship had already been formed. Violet would go back to talk with Grace many more times. This was the relationship I was most interested in watching develop, but the film jumps all over the place between story lines of other characters.

One story line that annoyed me was the one between Violet and a bartender she has the hots for by the name of Parker. I think the actor portraying Parker was aiming for a Robert Pattinson Twilight-esque performance. He was always brooding and moody for no real reason. He also had some sort of defect from a car accident that forces him not to sleep much if any at all. Just an overall odd character to have to deal with.

One positive in this film would be the city it was shot in, New York City. My favorite setting for a film is New York City. I just love the look of that city and the feel you usually get from it. Although you don’t see the typical New York shots in this film, the vibe of the city still shines through.

Overall, the film lacks the acting talent and the story line to make it worth a film seeing. If you enjoy super dramatic character studies, then perhaps you should watch Things I Don’t Understand.

Things I Don’t Understand is directed by David Spaltro and stars Molly Ryman, Aaron Mathias, Grace Folsom, and Lisa Eichhorn.

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