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October 2012
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KEY & PEELE Highlights: Racist Dog and Dubstep

The highlight of Key & Peele‘s first season was definitely the Obama Translator that recurred and brought us some great moments from Obama and Luther. With the political climate at a fever pitch, it’s no wonder that they’ll bring it back in season 2. Unfortunately, the latest installment in the Obama Translator isn’t online just yet. It featured some great jokes/insight, like calling out how people still believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim but we can’t talk about Mitt Romney‘s Mormonism. Luther also went too far when he brought in Pennsylvania since that’s a swing state Obama doesn’t want to alienate in any way before the election.

While I can’t post the Obama translator at the moment, there were a couple other great sketches from the episode.

Watch the cold open with the racist dogs:





I’m not a big fan of Dubstep music so this I thought this crazy reaction to the genre of music was hilarious:




What were you favorite sketches from the night?

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