Finally, the last of my 12 Days of Christmas movies. I leave you with a classic Christmas film that is a favorite Christmas movie but also one of my favorite all around movies of all time. It’s A Wonderful Life is the aforementioned film. Frank Capra’s Christmas classic from 1946 is so heartwarming and just wonderful in so many ways. Anyone who is remotely depressed around this time of the year, I urge you to give this film a watch. The film stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey and Donna Reed as Mary Hatch. George is a guy with a lot of ambition in his life. He wants to go many places and do many things. Unfortunately he is forced to stay in Bedford Falls and run his family’s building and loan business after his father dies. He meets and courts a gorgeous girl by the name of Mary and they build a life together. George is very burnt out from the constant grind from the family business and starts to wonder if everyone around him would be better off if he were never born. An angel by the name of Clarence (Henry Travers) comes along to prove him otherwise.







Check out a trailer for the film:


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