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February 2013
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ARCHER, “Midnight Ron” Episode Recap

At first, I didn’t see the appeal of “Midnight Ron,” but I came around towards the end of the episode and enjoyed most of it.

Somehow Sterling got stranded up in Canada and didn’t have a way home until his new stepfather, Ron, showed up for some reason. From that point on, “Midnight Ron” became a wacky adventure that included chop shops, gangsters, car crashes, transvestite truckers, and hobos on a train. More importantly though, Sterling and Ron were able to bond while on the run, and even decided to be friendly towards one another since it would drive Mallory crazy.


My initial hesitation towards the episode have everything to do with Ron. He was just plopped into the season premiere, and even though he’s shown up a few more times since then, he never was a true character that I cared about. Of course, my attitude towards him changed when we got a glimpse of his backstory which was where the chop shops and gangters came into play, and it was just fun watching him and Archer get into various binds over the half-hour.

Other Odds and Ends:

  • “Midnight Ron” was one of those episodes that made me wish that we didn’t have to deal with ISIS because the scenes of everyone talking about Archer felt shoe-horned in and didn’t add much to the overall narrative.
  • Poor Woodhouse.
  • I’m by no means a relationship expert, but going out of your way to annoy your wife doesn’t seem like a good way to start off a marriage.

“Midnight Ron” was another less-than-stellar-but-good-enough episode that seem to be compromising the majority of Season 4, but I’m still OK with that because they still enjoying the show… for now. What about everyone else? Am I not giving Archer enough credit this year? Share your thoughts in the commets section.

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