In honor of The Walking Deads return this Sunday, we’ve come up with a handy drinking game to get you in the zombie-killing spirit! Keep reading for The Walking Dead Drinking Game Rules.

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As the show is only an hour, we’re going to cram as many rules as possible in to it, so you get the full movie drinking game experience. Stock up on some cheap beer, in honor of Merle and Daryl, or some whiskey and get ready for a great Sunday night.

The Walking Dead Drinking Game Rules. Drink Whenever:

  • Daryl aims his cross bow. Feel free to double up for when he actually takes a shot.
  • Carl and Beth have weird chemistry that is way inappropriate considering he’s just a child.
  • They say baby Judith’s name, instead of just referring to her as “the baby” or “it” or “the kid”.
  • Glen and Maggie have a moment.

The Walking Dead Drinking Game


  • You don’t agree with what Andrea’s doing.
  • It’s a Ricktatorship. AKA when Rick calls all the shots.
  • Merle says something racist or sexist.
  • And of course, double drink whenever there’s a truly awesome zombie death.

Did we leave any big rules out of our Walking Dead Drinking Game? Sound off in the comments!

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