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Feminist Frequency Series to Premiere March 7, 2013

If you remember (and how could you forget), Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist blogger, successfully Kickstarted a series of Youtubes entitled TROPES VS WOMEN IN VIDEOGAMES.

The Feminist Frequency Twitter posted this announcement Saturday:


“Confident there will no controversy. None whatsover. 1000 million percent!”

I’ve specifically stayed out of this little shitstorm. After the Kickstarter went live, the Internet Douchebag Patrol went insane, sending a series of scaldingly misogynist Tweets and comments directly at her for daring to challenge their rights to bouncy breast physics.

(Males, I know you clicked that link. I’ll wait until you are done with your “alone time.”)

Welcome back. The reason I’ve never really said anything about this rather dull controversy is that the conversation totally swung away from talking about the show’s potential content and the very real problem it addresses. This is partly due to Sarkeesian’s self-casting as Martyrtag “St. LadyGamer”, the outrage in response to her idea has already morphed onto criticism of her as a critical personality. This is the opposite of productive.

Whether or not the controversy surrounding her Kickstarter (and the ungodly 9 months it’s taken to actually produce anything) is genuine or partially drummed up is irrelevant. Any criticism she makes is going to be colored by the fact she’s already coronated herself as the one true voice of women in games, and will use the outcry by douchenozzles against her will only turn into some vortex of self-enforcing, culturally poisonous, post modern OH GOD I JUST WANT TO PLAY GOOD GAMES WITH STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS AS WELL EVERYONE STOP YELLING THANK YOU.

"y cant we all just has luvs?"

“y cant we all just has luvs?”

Okay, that’s over. I’m actually looking forward to the series. I’m cautiously optimistic, however, I’m pretty sure of the topics she’s going to cover have already been done before. Possibly in better ways. Here, too.

Here’s my list of what I’m sure she’ll talk about:

  • Women in games are oversexualized.
  • Female “heroes” are often secretly victims.
  • Women in games are game objects to be rescued.
  • Women’s issues, such as reproductive health or social , are almost never stated.
  • Women’s roles in games are purely in terms of male characteristics (such as combat prowess or motherhood).
  • The Bechdel Test
  • Woman and Race (HA HA Expect some FAR CRY 3 and RESIDENT EVIL 5 epics).
  • Violence against women is common and praised in games.
  • Tomb Raider. Lots about Tomb Raider since the reboot just came out.
  • Female gamers are stigmatized and harassed online.

You can play my Feminist Frequency Bingo* when the show premieres March 7, 2013 on Youtube.

*Feminist Frequency Bingo is a sexist idea and does  not actually exist.

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