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THE MASTER Blu-ray Review

It’s been five years since the last time Paul Thomas Anderson graced theaters with his directorial presence. The Master arrived with quite a bit of pressure to be great. With a great cast, that even includes the eccentric Joaquin Phoenix, P.T. Anderson certainly delivered a great film. Not quite as great as There Will Be Blood, but one could make the argument that The Master is better acted because the overall cast is so great.

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Official Synopsis:

Haunted by his past, WW-II veteran and drifter Freddie Quell crosses paths with a mysterious movement called The Cause, led by Lancaster Dodd aka “The Master” and his wife Peggy.  Their twisted relationship is the core of this film that is “a glorious and haunting symphony of color, emotion and sound with camera movements that elicit an involuntary gasp and feats of acting that defy comprehension (A.O Scott, The New York Times).”


Special Features:

  • Back Beyond – This is pretty neat, it’s a collection of deleted scenes, but also outtakes edited together in a short film narrative.
  • Unguided Message: 8 Minute Short / Behind The Scenes
  • Teasers / Trailers
  • Let There Be Light: John Huston’s Landmark Documentary About WWII Veterans – An informative documentary that provided the inspiration for Paul Thomas Anderson to make this film.

The Master might not be as great overall as There Will Be Blood, there is still a lot that this film offers. There might not be a better looking film to be released on blu-ray this year, and every performance is fantastic. It’s available on Amazon right now, and is worth every penny. Not just for a P.T. Anderson fan, but a fan of great films with amazing performances.

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