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SDCC ’13 Lionsgate CATCHING FIRE & I, FRANKENSTEIN Panel Live Blog

Arguably the most anticipated panel of the weekend will be the Lionsgate panel in Hall H this morning, as Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be here! In addition, Lionsgate will also be bringing never before scene footage of I, Frankenstein.

While no official word on who will be here for Catching Fire, we do know that Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Director Stuart Beattie, and Graphic Novel Writer Kevin Grevioux will be here for I, Frankenstein.

This is why I got in line at 5am this morning.

Let’s get started with the live blog!

I, Frankenstein Live Blog:

Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Stuart Beattie, Kevin Grevioux

Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Director Stuart Beattie, and Graphic Novel Writer Kevin Grevioux are joining the panel today. The movie will be released in January.

Stuart- This is a Frankenstein unlike any other where he has been roaming around for 200 years seemingly immortal. He walks into the middle of a war between Demons, who want to do bad with him, and Gargoyles, who want to prevent it.

Aaron: This is a beautiful movie and everyone trained hard to do it. It is in 3-d.

They are now going to run a “sizzle” reel with a taste of the movie. World premiere footage!

There was a ton of fire in the trailer, and the gargoyles look badass.

Stuart- I wanted to bring a different kind of action for this no car chases just human interaction and give it something different to give the viewers a different perspective.

Aaron on training for the movie: It was very tough I had to do a ton of stick work which I had never done. I also had a trainer for Cirque-du-Soliel who worked with me three-four hours a day for six months. So I had to get in great shape for the movie and it was very tough.

Question for Yvonne: What kind of scientist do you play?

Yvonne: I’m the odd one out as I’m one of only two humans in the movie. My character is scientifically minded and she gets thrown into this world that she didn’t know existed. There is a discovery of one another in the movie and she describes Frankenstein as “it”. One of the big things about this movie is what does it mean to be human.

Fan question for Yvonne: Was a huge fan of Chuck and Dexter. How do your old characters transfer into the new movie?

Yvonne: Every character is very different I feel lucky to have played so many different characters. As opposed to Hannah in Dexter who is killing people, my character in this is trying to bring it alive.

What makes this Frankenstein different?

Aaron: This Frankenstein is very much more human than others from the past. He is looking for love and a purpose in life. It’s a very strong human tale that alot of people can relate to.

Why did you take out the scars and make him more good looking?

Stuart: Most of the footage is present day so that’s 200 years to clear up those scars and it seemed real that his scars would fade over time but they would still be there.

For Yvonne, how was the transition from action in Chuck to nerd in this?

Yvonne: I was very jealous that I couldn’t be in many of the action scenes but she definitely has her own role in the fights. Rather than kicking ass in the CIA sense I’m kicking ass in the scientific way.

If this film piqued your interest, it comes out January 24, 2014.

 Check out some pictures from the I, Frankenstein panel and some character posters:

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Live-Blog:

Catching Fire Stills

This is the first time The Hunger Games cast is appearing in hall H.
Mindblowing facts:
– 50 million copies of the trilogy sold in the US alone.
– 13th highest grossing film domestically of all time.

Director Francis Lawrence, Willow Shields, Lenny Kravitz, Jenna Malone, Jeffrey Wright, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and Jennifer Lawrence are all here!

Francis – You’ve taken over the reigns for Catching Fire and the Mockingjay films. What was the first day like?
It was incredible. We started light, with scenes from Philip Seymour Hoffman. It’s a dream cast and dream story.

Jennifer – Tell us about the challenges she’s facing in this film.
She’s suffering from PTSD and has a whole new life where she doesn’t have to worry about food and surviving. Living in Victor’s village makes her feel a bit useless. And now she’s dealing with what she experienced with Peeta and while she spent most of her life with Gale, now Peeta will understand things that Gale never will.

Josh – Peeta has such strong feelings for her but found out that it was all an act.
Jennifer – it was complicated…
Josh – it was an act! So it’s hard for him to figure out what to do now.

Liam – I imagine the torture scene was crazy to film…
It’s interesting to come to work and just get whipped for 3 days straight. You’re not really scared at first, but after 3 days of getting hit with anything it does start to hurt. But it was good fun.

Francis – How much interaction did you have with Suzanne Collins?
As soon as I got the job, I wanted to pick her brain. She’s been a big part of the process the whole time through.

Oh yeah, we’re getting a new trailer! It had some footage from the last trailer, but with a much harder focus on the pending revolution. We get to see some of the victors in action in the training facility and of course we get a glimpse of the Gale/Katniss kiss!

Francis – I’m very pleased with the scale of the movie and I think the performances are fantastic. It’s more than I could have dreamed of.

Lenny – You’re kind of bringing this calming presence to often insane worlds. Is that something you like about this character?
He’s a real cool cat, you know? He definitely has a lot of interest in Katniss as somebody who really believes in her and cares in her.

Jena & Jeffrey – Was it intimidating to join this already formed group from the first film?
Jeffrey – You make movies for people to see them. The work done in the first film and the books established a huge voracious appetite and expectations for the next film. It could be seen as intimidating, but it kind of made it easier. They already built this world.
Jena – It was like getting a golden ticket, like “really? Me?!”

Jennifer – You’re the winner of the Hunger Games and Best Actress Academy Awards. Did the Oscar season feel like the Hunger Games Victory Tour?
I mean, the stakes weren’t as high. When I was reading the first book, I was doing that for Winter’s Bone. I had to wear all these dresses, and enter this new kind of world of hair, makeup, media. And now in the 2nd book/movie it’s a part of you and you’re used to it.

How hot are the kissing scenes going to be?
Jennifer – we should have brought the clip with the snot! There was CPR and then a kiss and then slobber. There’s all this snot coming out of my mouth and just goes in his mouth. It’s this huge string that goes from my mouth to his mouth. You gotta see it. I’ll put it on YouTube if I can.

What was your favorite costume?
Jennifer – My wedding dress was my favorite to look at, but wearing it was hard. It was huge, 5 feet in circumference. It was just giant. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as you’d think, but I have trouble walking in general.

Jennifer – What was it like finding out you’d be in The Hunger Games?
It was exciting but overwhelming. I loved the books and she’s one of my favorite characters, but it was scary because it’s huge. I had a different life plan that was a little smaller. It was a mix of excitement and fear, but now it’s just excitement.

Jennifer – What sort of training did you do for this movie and what was the hardest stunt?
I had a lot of archery training. I had to just running training, apparently I run weird. I remember, I hit myself in the face with my bow. There’s free running and parkour, too. I’m not an expert but rolling and stuff. As for the hardest stunt…probably still just running. There’s so much running. And then not hitting myself with my bow.

Jennifer – What is the biggest difference between bouncing between big budget movies like this and X-Men and then to do something like Winter’s Bone?
It’s interesting. Indies and even The Hunger Games have this mentality of getting these things done and we’re all in this together. Studio movies are just so big. They’re both different, but they’re both lovely.

How is the relationship between all of you guys, especially with the different age groups?
Jeffrey – I get along with the older guys really well.
Josh – On the first movie, we had tributes of all ages and the younger ones thought of it kind of like summer camp.
Jennifer – and now the older ones it’s like retirement home.
Josh – there were no divas on set and we really all got along.
Lenny – You know we like each other when we work together all day and then hang out at night.
Jeffrey – Jennifer and Josh are the funniest pair to work with. They have a language all their own. The chemistry they have on screen is really a reflection of their friendship off screen.
Josh – yeah, i always want to hang out with her and she never wants to hang out with me.

Did you starve yourselves to look like from District 12?
Jennifer – No, we didn’t diet at all. These movies are very physical so you don’t really need to go to the gym either.

How do you feel The Hunger Games has changed your life?
Willow – I have a lot of great opportunities now that I didn’t have before.
Lenny – I’m new to film, I’ve only made 4 films. I have a day job, I have to make music. What’s really great is that very little children (7-8 year olds) come up to me wanting to meet Cinna and have no idea who I am. Which is really nice actually. It’s opened up a whole new generation for me.
Jena – I’m new to this whole thing, but I am here meeting all of you! That’s new!
Jeffrey – I’m now among the coolest parents at my kid’s school. And I learned to surf in Hawaii.
Liam – Francis is one of my favorite directors to work with – he’s so intelligent and you grow and learn so much from a guy like himm.
Josh – I think it’s all about balance. Mixing big budget movies and indies with character stories you really want to tell. Doing a big movie like this opens up more options for those smaller movies. Plus, I want to eventually direct and this is a great learning experience.
Jennifer – I feel the same way as Josh. I love having the balance and you get a lot more opportunities.

And they’re showing the trailer again. Pretty awesome panel, and as usual not long enough!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters on November 22, 2013.

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