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August 2013
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TWISTED Theory: Who’s the Real Socio?

With each successive episode of ABC Family’s new summer series Twisted it seems that, at least in this show’s universe (if not in real life), no one is ever truly what they seem. So how do we know—or go about guessing—which character (or characters) is/are the real “socio(s)”?

Danny’s (Avan Jogia) court-appointed therapist defined “sociopath” for the show’s universe (#1.5-“The Fest and the Furious”):

“Most sociopaths don’t murder anyone, but they do exhibit glibness,
superficial charm, an easy ability to lie. … [T]hey love risk, they don’t
consider consequences, they have a talent for imitating human emotion—
grief, joy. It’s never real, but they’re good at making you believe it is.”

Based on this definition, I can’t help but wonder: Could Tyler (Chris Zylka) be the real socio? Is it possible that everything that’s happened—from Regina’s (Karynn Moore) murder and the pranking of Danny, to Cole’s (John DeLuca) poisoning and more—has been perpetrated in the name of Tyler’s ‘documentary’…or something far more sinister and, dare I say, sociopathic?

Tyler seems to fit the personal profile: he’s exceedingly charming, capable of setting others at ease (for a short while at least), and a master of justification and rationalization.

“Look, sometimes you have to create your own reality.
When people see my movie, all these things, these pranks?
It’s gonna make people sympathize with
him. Isn’t that what you want?”
– Tyler [to Jo (Maddie Hasson)] (#1.8-“Docu-Trauma”)

Tyler’s ‘documentary’ and obvious enjoyment of the pranks against Danny give him two motives to continue this sociopathic game. He also has means and opportunity: he’s clearly researched Danny’s past, has the social clout to rally small and large groups of others to do his bidding, and has a ready-made excuse for a few hours’ disappearance (a.k.a. film club).

Is hardly seems impossible that Tyler found out about Regina and Vikram (T.J. Ramini), and then tried to use the information to his advantage (or for his amusement). Perhaps he wanted Regina to play along, to be his partner in crime—and if she refused him, well, he’d just have to tie up that loose end. (Pun not intended, but hilariously fitting.) Regina’s murder had the added bonus of swiftly—and perhaps irrevocably—escalating the town’s suspicion and fear of Danny without requiring any further action by Tyler. And once the initial uproar died down, it hardly required too much effort to poison Cole, as a way of reigniting people’s suspicion of Danny.

Part of what I love about Twisted, however, is that this entire theory can easily come crashing down during tonight’s new episode. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit that the buttons on the shirt Tyler wore to Danny’s party do not appear to match those of the masked cinematographer who filmed Danny and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) on his iPhone (#1.8-“Docu-Trauma”). Plus, the show seems to be giving us the hard sell on the ‘Vikram is still alive’ theory—and, frankly, I’ve questioned the depth and sincerity of Karen’s (Denise Richards) personal relationships/feelings from the get-go.

I just don’t know…but I can’t wait to find out.

Watch Twisted tonight at 9/8 c on ABC Family, check out the Twisted Theory Tracker, and share your theories—or politely poke holes in mine—in the comments below.

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Featured Image: © 2013 ABC Family

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