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February 2014
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MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN Saves The Future [Trailer]

Do you remember the incredible animated movie The Lion King? If you do and if you really loved that amazing story, you should definitely watch the new masterpiece of the animation world, Mr Peabody and Sherman. Brought to us by the directors of The Lion King, this new and funny movie is going to tell us an incredible story about a dog and his adopted son, because if a boy can adopt a dog, there is no reason why a dog can not adopt a boy. Makes perfect sense only if the dog is an incredible genius that can drive his son to school and cook him lunch. Guess what, that’s what Mr. Peabody actually does for Sherman, his little boy.

As you already know, this funny animation is telling us the story of a genius dog and his adopted son. Mr. Peabody has a time machine, called the WABAC. So he takes Sherman to crazy trips into the past, so together they get to explore the history in a way we could only dream about. As the story goes, Sherman breaks the rules by using the WABAC together with his cute crush, called Penny and now there is a little damage done in the history of our world. So how Mr. Peabody is going to repair the history and save the future?  He will dive into an extraordinary adventure, together with his son and that little girl, Penny Peterson. They will travel back in time and they will try to make it all right, just so we, the people of today could live without facing the consequences of the history’s changes. They are not only saving the future, they are saving the world.

Learn the history in a different and funny way. Together with Mr. Peabody, dive into the past and have a nice time, laughing about the ones who created the world we know today.

This March, do not lose the chance to watch this new and funny film Mr. Peabody & Sherman. It is a perfect movie for your kids and adults. Rated PG for some mild action and brief rude humor, this story is going to seem so genuine that you will think of it as of a classic dad and son story.