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Interview: Susanna Fogel and Abby Elliott Talk LIFE PARTNERS at TFF 2014

Abby Elliott and director Susanna Fogel talk LIFE PARTNERS, female film friendships, character development, and more at TFF

April 23, 2014 Film Festivals, Interviews, Movies, TFF
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 181 – Knights’ Tales

Paul and AJ are, you know, they’re…I think the word is “geeks”? Geeks. Yes. And sometimes, they challenge each other. Lord knows they challenge each

April 23, 2014 Geeky, Invasion Radio, Movies
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Rent Joss Whedon’s IN YOUR EYES via Vimeo On Demand

Rent Joss Whedon's TFF 2014 sci-fi romantic dramedy IN YOUR EYES, via Vimeo On Demand, for $5!

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New Movie Trailer For THE ROVER

Ten years following the decline of society, The Rover takes us into the lawless and almost savage world that has taken over. Set in the

April 22, 2014 Movies, Trailers
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Enter To Win Pop Culture Posters From Etsy’s YakawonisQuilling!

Enter to win 2 pop culture posters of your choosing from the YakawonisQuilling Etsy shop! And get 15% off with the SCREENINVASION code.

April 22, 2014 Giveaways, TV
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New OBVIOUS CHILD Trailer Is Full Of Laughs

Obvious Child is a quirky rom-com that delves into the seemingly not-romantic implications of being an adult, dealing with an unwanted pregnancy and figuring out

April 21, 2014 Movies, Trailers
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How am I Supposed to Feel About Jaime Lannister Now?

Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Hunger Games. A thousand others. Franchises first nurtured via the printed word, drawing in millions of readers and their

April 21, 2014 TV
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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 7 – ROMs

In this episode, join Carl Wilhoyte, Nick Hammer, and Nick Weber as we talk about ROMs and their importance

transcendence 0 TRANSCENDENCE Movie Review – The Return of Max Headroom Overall Score

TRANSCENDENCE Movie Review – The Return of Max Headroom

TRANSCENDENCE: Yet another misfire for the misfire-prone Mr. Depp

April 19, 2014 Movie Review, Movies, News
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 180 – The comiXology Ludology

The Debatable Podcast‘s Greg Sahadachny has bullied his way onto another podcast. This time, he forces Paul and AJ to discuss storytelling in video games,

April 18, 2014 Comic Book, Geeky, Invasion Radio
haunted house 2 0 A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 Movie Review – How A Spoof Should Be Done Overall Score

A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 Movie Review – How A Spoof Should Be Done

Before I dive right into the hilarity of this film, I want to mention that I am fully aware of how ridiculous and dumb movies

April 18, 2014 Movie Review, Movies
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THIRD PERSON Trailer Features All-Star Cast

The new trailer for the upcoming film titled Third Person, a romantic drama directed by Paul Haggis, stars Liam Neeson, who heads an all-star cast

April 18, 2014 Movies, Trailers
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LUCKY THEM – TFF 2014 Movie Review

Megan Griffiths' LUCKY THEM is a thoroughly enjoyable relationship dramedy, starring Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, and Oliver Platt

philomena (1) 0 PHILOMENA Movie Review – Dame Judi Dench & Steve Coogan At Their Best Overall Score

PHILOMENA Movie Review – Dame Judi Dench & Steve Coogan At Their Best

Philomena is a movie inspired by events based on the book by Martin Sixsmith, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee

April 16, 2014 Movie Review, Movies
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FARGO “The Crocodile’s Dilemma” Premiere Episode Recap

Aww Jeez, the premiere of FX's Fargo has come and it delivered just what you'd expect from a show that's based on the film.

April 16, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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Tribeca Film Festival 2014: Watch, Listen, Play

How to watch, listen, and play at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

April 16, 2014 Film Festivals, Movies, News, TFF
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