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Scene Invasion: Rock Werchter 2013

We run through the highlights and performances of Rock Werchter

July 13, 2013 Music, Music Festivals
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Sigur Rós – “Kveikur” Album Review

We review Sigur Ros' latest album Kveikur

June 24, 2013 Music, Music Review
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Afraid of Heights by Wavves Album Review

A general dissatisfaction of life has always been the cornerstone of any Wavves record, and their latest album Afraid of Heights continues the misanthropic musings of lead

April 01, 2013 Music, Music Review
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Game of Thrones: TV Series vs Book & Season 3

George R.R.Martin’s epic saga A Song of Ice and Fire is so vast and intricate that it dwarfs (no pun intended) the works of contemporary fiction writers.

March 27, 2013 Features, TV
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Game of Thrones: Favourite Characters of Westeros

The lands of  Game of Thrones are truly enormous, ranging from beyond The Wall to the Trident to across the Narrow Sea and the exotic cities

March 25, 2013 Features, TV
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Debut Trailer for ASSASSIN’S CREED IV Released

Amidst all the naval and punk rock puns we reported that the first details of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag had surfaced.  Over the weekend, the accompany all the news,

March 04, 2013 Video Games

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag confirmed by Ubisoft

It was not so long ago that we were desperately trying to foil the Templar plot that was set to undo the work of the Patriots. Ubisoft

February 28, 2013 Video Games
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Will Microsoft Be Unveiling Their Next Console Soon?

According to a listing on the domain information site WHOIS , U.S.Techs (now called Eventcore) have a registered for  ”XBOXEVENT.COM”. But what event could it be?

February 25, 2013 Video Games
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Notes from the Sony PlayStation Event 2013

This article was updated live as the press conference was broadcasted The cacophony of PlayStation rumours over the last few days has been tremendous, most notably the

February 21, 2013 News, Video Games
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Album of the Month: “FIDLAR” by FIDLAR

It’s been nearly two and a half years since Wavves released their quintessential surf rock album “King of the Beach”. It was the weed-smoking-lazy-romantic epitomised in a

February 19, 2013 Music
Biffy Clyro 1

More Names Announced for Rock Werchter 2013

Slowly but surely the line up for the Belgian festival Rock Werchter is featuring some very promising act and today’s announcement proved that to still

February 13, 2013 Music, Music Festivals
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Album Review: Elara- Soundtrack For a Quiet Place

The lyrical beauty of Elara’s three track EP Soundtrack for a Quiet Place couldn’t have been further away from what I expected from this Italian post rock band. Full

February 04, 2013 Music
Rock Werchter 2012 Main Stage 0

More Acts Announced for Rock Werchter 2013

One of Europe’s biggest music festivals, Rock Werchter, has recently announced another 20 acts in addition to the seven acts that had already been released.

January 29, 2013 Music Festivals, News

The End of THQ: Assets Sold at Auction

A truly sad time in the video game industry- THQ, the developer and producer of games such as Company of Heroes and the Saints Row series, has gone

January 24, 2013 Video Games
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The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Application Opens with New Trailer

Bethesda Softworks have opened the beta application process for The Elder Scrolls Online, the Elder Scrolls MMO. Along with this announcement a stunning nearly six minute CGI trailer. While

January 22, 2013 News, Video Games
Sony Playstation E3 Comments Off

Next Gen Consoles: Sony Will Let Microsoft Make The First Move

Rumours about the next generation of consoles have been circulating since what seems like the dawn of time. Over the last year stories have cropped

January 21, 2013 Video Games
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