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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Preview Screening Review – Mission Accomplished

Guardians of the Galaxy burns with the promise of watching incredible exploits in worlds far, far away, and the movie isn’t afraid to get weird

July 08, 2014 Movies, News
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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Weekend Spoiler Report – The Moody Views

To offer commentary on The Dark Knight Rises is to go back to every part of the movie and discuss it. Therefore, I will say

July 23, 2012 Features, The Moody Views
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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is an amazing experience and a flawed movie, both spectacle of the highest order and a house of cards. It's worthy

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BREAKING BAD is The Most Important Show On TV – The Moody Views

BREAKING BAD is the most important show on television today, as well as the best show in its current generation. These are bold words, but

July 13, 2012 Features, The Moody Views
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A PROMETHEUS Roundtable: Part 2 – The Moody Views

As PROMETHEUS opens up this week, we continue our conversation of all things important surrounding the movie. We posted our first post yesterday, and today

June 05, 2012 Features, Movies, The Moody Views
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A PROMETHEUS Roundtable: Part 1 – The Moody Views

PROMETHEUS opens up this week in the United States, and marks director Sir Ridley Scott’s (BLADE RUNNER, GLADIATOR, BLACK HAWK DOWN, and too many other good

June 04, 2012 Features, The Moody Views
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CHRONICLE’s Michael Kelly – The Moody (Inter)Views

I had the chance to speak with Chronicle‘s Michael Kelly recently about his work in the successful teens-with-superpowers movie (because it’s not a movie about

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The Moody Views – The OSCARS Are Afraid of the Real World

I had a whole huge column about why the Oscars were too old and focused on recreation/simulation culture. Then I realized that it’s not the

February 26, 2012 Features, Movies, The Moody Views

The Moody Views – The Rock Radio Problem, Part 2

So yesterday I suggested that factors like the increasing homogenization of radio playlists, the eradication of local talent, and the avoidance of new music was

February 16, 2012 Features, Music, The Moody Views

The Moody Views – The Rock Radio Problem, Part 1

When’s the last time you bought a song or album after hearing it on the radio? Okay, now when’s the last time you bought a

February 15, 2012 Features, Music, The Moody Views
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The Moody Views: CHRONICLE and the Rise of the Unknown Story

I love Joss Whedon’s work. I have seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, & Dollhouse. I can quote Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along

February 06, 2012 Comic Book, Features, Movies, The Moody Views
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GOD BLESS AMERICA red band trailer is the dark howl of 2012

If we’re talking about the end of the world in 2012, look no further than most mainstream entertainment. I’ve already talked at length about the

January 30, 2012 Movies, Trailers

The Moody Views: MODERN WARFARE 3 and Why Video Game Advertising Matters

Hi, welcome to the Moody Views! I’m hoping to provide some more in-depth commentary on issues in popular culture that I believe greater consideration. In

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ALL THINGS FALL APART – The Skinny (On) 50 Cent in this new trailer

There have existed vanity projects before, but somehow Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson continues to emerge as the rapper with the greatest number of said projects

January 10, 2012 Movies, Trailers
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The Best Songs of 2011

What do you say in a year where you could listen to almost anything you ever wanted? Spotify has actually made it much easier and

December 31, 2011 Lists, Music
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Movie Review: YOUNG ADULT

YOUNG ADULT isn’t just the best drama/comedy of the year, it’s also a horror story that plays out in terrifying slow motion. By the end

December 20, 2011 Movie Review, Movies
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