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Six New Character Posters Revealed For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

It is so exciting, this whole anticipation, about The Dark Knight Rises. It feels like it’s been forever since we first started to get news, pictures

May 22, 2012 News, Posters
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DARK SHADOWS Movie Review – Not Another Vampire Film!

I can easily describe Tim Burton‘s latest film Dark Shadows with three words: contrast, humor and family (and of course gore, quirkiness and dark omedy. It

May 12, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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Soundtrack Review: Danny Elfman’s Original Score for Tim Burton’s DARK SHADOWS

As contrasting as the pale vampire Barnabas Collins looks against an almost technicolor background of characters and sets, Danny Elfman‘s latest score for Dark Shadows

May 02, 2012 Movies, Music, Music Review
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12 New Character Posters for THE EXPENDABLES 2

Lionsgate just revealed 12 new character posters for the upcoming The Expendables 2, and just by looking at them you can tell this film is

April 27, 2012 Movies, News, Posters
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PROMETHEUS’s David 8 Clip With Michael Fassbender Goes Viral

When this fake commercial for “David 8″ showed up in Youtube a couple of days ago is easy to see why it went viral immediately. It

April 25, 2012 Movies, News
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Danny Elfman to Release Original Score for DARK SHADOWS on May 8th

I’m aware Tim Burton can be a polarizing director, but his work is such a big part of pop culture, and a big chunk of

April 18, 2012 Movies, Music, News
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New Trailer for DETENTION Starring Josh Hutcherson

Mix: Scream, Breakfast Club, Sci-Fi and Peeta with dark hair. What you’d get? The trailer for the upcoming film Detention, which feels like a concoction

April 03, 2012 Movies, Trailers
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Movie Review: Getting The Joke in CASA DE MI PADRE

This film is as polarizing as its protagonist Will Ferrell, even though this is not your typical “Ferrell” movie at all. In Casa De Mi

March 28, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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9 New Posters and Trailer for DARK SHADOWS

If someone knows how to tell a story about outcasts in style, it is Tim Burton. In his bio “Burton by Burton”, Johnny Depp talks

March 23, 2012 Movies, Posters, Trailers
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Soundtrack Review: CASA DE MI PADRE

It amazes me how polarizing Will Ferrell has become over the years: people either love his work or loathe it. I happen to be one of

March 14, 2012 Movies, Music, Music Review
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Soundtrack Review: Carter Burwell and The TWILIGHT Score by The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Original Music By Carter Burwell, Alexandre Desplat and Howard Shore Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

March 12, 2012 Music, Music Review
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Watch: PARANORMAN’s New Trailer

It’s so hard to talk about Laika Studios when you are such a humble fan of their work. They mix vintage, state-of-the-art technology techniques in

March 02, 2012 Movies, Trailers

Watch: Tim Burton’s FRANKENWEENIE Gets a New Trailer

The first time I saw anything related to Tim Burton was when I turn my TV on one day and saw a Disney special about

March 01, 2012 Movies, News
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Things You Should Know About Woody Allen and The Oscars

Woody Allen just received an Academy Award on Sunday for Best Screenplay for Midnight in Paris, but did you know he has been nominated 23

February 28, 2012 Movies
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Summit Announces Sequel for RED

Summit Entertainment has greenlit a sequel for RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous), a film based on a graphic novel of the same name and starring

February 22, 2012 Movies, News
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Films That Prove Being Single is Not a Bad Thing

With Valentine’s Day around some people feel bad about being single, but guess what, there’s an antidote for your Moody Blues. What’s worse than feeling

February 13, 2012 Movies
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