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Korean director Jee-woon Kim’s last couple of films, The Good The Bad And The Weird and I Saw The Devil, have been two of my

February 07, 2013 Movie Review, Movies
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In Defense Of Nicolas Cage

I feel compelled to write this article as this very website posted a piece not too long ago entitled “The Worst Movies Of 2012″. Ghost

January 23, 2013 Features, Movies
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Another Earth and now Sound Of My Voice have put Brit Marling on my radar as a talent to watch. She writes and stars in

December 12, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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RUST AND BONE Movie Review

Marion Cotillard‘s two key performances this year, in The Dark Knight Rises and now Rust and Bone, could not be more different. In TDKR she

December 11, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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THE HUNT Movie Review

A low-budget Danish film about an accused paedophile staring an ex-Bond villain might not be everyone’s idea of a great Saturday night at the cinema.

December 09, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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Sightseers is the third film by exciting new British talent Ben Wheatley, who is already establishing himself as a masterful director and possibly the new

December 07, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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AMOUR Movie Review

Michael Haneke is a director whose career I have followed intently over the past few years. While never making anything that would slot into my

December 06, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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END OF WATCH Movie Review

“Found footage”, “P.O.V.”, “self-filmed”, “ghost cam” (whatever you want to call them) movies can be an interesting and original way of making a film. Spawned

December 05, 2012 Movie Review, Movies
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