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June 2016
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Mondo Unveils TIMECRIMES As Its Latest Vinyl Soundtrack Release, Will Debut At Fantastic Fest

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Mondo’s commitment to vinyl soundtrack releases this year has been impressive, immersive and quite eclectic. Rather than lingering within a specific genre, Mondo has created a sort of…

Mondo Joins Forces With Studio Ghibli For Latest Vinyl Release, Kokyo Kyokushu

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Though already a heralded name within the print/art collector community, Mondo has quickly become one of the most prolific names in the limited edition vinyl soundtrack game.

Alkaline Trio – “My Shame Is True” Album Review

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It’s been just over three years since Alkaline Trio‘s last proper studio album, This Addiction, was released and returned the band to a bit of a more stripped down…

Alkaline Trio Release New Video, Announce Upcoming North American Tour

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With the April 2nd release date of Alkaline Trio’s 8th studio album, My Shame Is True, fast approaching, the band have released another “lyric” video for their new track, The…

Crossing The Streams: Feb 9th 2013

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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the latest installment of Crossing The Streams; your new streaming mix tape. This installment spans all sorts of genres, styles, classifications and even languages…

Alkaline Trio Announce New Album “My Shame Is True”

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Alkaline Trio shared details on their new album. The  melodic punk band is releasing it’s 8th full-length album, My Shame Is True, on April 2nd. This will be the band’s…

Crossing the Streams: Feb 5th, 2013

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Editor’s Note: We’re excited to introduce our new feature Crossing the Streams. It’s your new streaming mix tape, filled with what you haven’t heard yet, but won’t be able…

Film Music 2012 Album Review

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Silva Screen Records has compiled a wonderful collection of some of the best film music from a wide range of 2012’s biggest releases.