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I Call B.S. – GRACELAND’s Restraining Order Realities

Wherein I explore the realities of GRACELAND's season 2 restraining order plot line

July 09, 2014 TV
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I Call B.S. – Foster Care Foibles on THE FOSTERS

Wherein I question some recent social services practices on ABC Family's THE

July 07, 2014 TV
true blood 0

I Call B.S. – TRUE BLOOD: Broken Super-Smell and Other Questions

Wherein I discuss several issues I've had with the first two episodes of TRUE BLOOD's seventh season. (SPOILERS abound.)

July 03, 2014 TV
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11 July Chick Flicks – TAMMY, LUCY, VERY GOOD GIRLS and more

The 411 on 11 chick flicks hitting theaters & VOD/digital rental July 2–25—from TAMMY and WISH I WAS HERE, to LUCY, VERY GOOD GIRLS and

happy christmas 0 HAPPY CHRISTMAS Movie Review Overall Score


Joe Swanberg's HAPPY CHRISTMAS is a frequently funny, chock-full of heart meditation on the relationships of family, friends, and lovers

June 26, 2014 Movie Review, Movies
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Interview: Greer Grammer Talks AWKWARD., Life and LIFE PARTNERS

Greer Grammer — AWKWARD.'s Christ-centric cheer captain Lissa — talks life, LIFE PARTNERS, AWKWARD., and long-term goals

June 16, 2014 Interviews, Movies, TV
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5 Facts You May Not Know About AWKWARD’s Greer Grammer

Five facts you may not know about Greer Grammer, a.k.a. AWKWARD's wildly funny, Jesus-loving cheer captain Lissa

June 10, 2014 Interviews, TV
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Chick Flicks: June 2014 – TFIOS, OBVIOUS CHILD & More

The 411 on 8 chick flicks hitting theaters and VOD/digital rental June 6-27: TFIOS, OBVIOUS CHILD, THINK LIKE A MAN TOO and more!

obvious child 0 OBVIOUS CHILD Movie Review – Irreverent Soulfulness At Its Best Overall Score

OBVIOUS CHILD Movie Review – Irreverent Soulfulness At Its Best

Irreverently soulful in the best kind of way, OBVIOUS CHILD – starring Jenny Slate – is the summer’s first must-see comedy

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ONCE UPON A TIME’s Weekly Battle with Legal Dragons

Most viewers would never guess how many legal dragons ONCE UPON A TIME creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have slain in three seasons

kindle worlds 0

Amazon Kindle Worlds: Fan-Fiction’s New Normal?

A look at how and why AMAZON KINDLE WORLDS could irreparably alter the world of internet fan-fiction

orphan black 0

TV Theory Thursday: ORPHAN BLACK – Project LEDA & Character Names

A working theory about ORPHAN BLACK, Project LEDA, and Clone Club character names. (*SPOILERS* abound.)

May 22, 2014 This Chick's Flicks, TV
chef 0 CHEF Movie Review – Jon Favreau Cooks Up Mouth-Watering Family Fun Overall Score

CHEF Movie Review – Jon Favreau Cooks Up Mouth-Watering Family Fun

If family fun is on your weekend menu, Jon Favreau's CHEF will serve it up in generous portions

about alex 0

ABOUT ALEX – TFF 2014 Movie Review

A paragon of Gen-Y post-collegiate disillusion, ABOUT ALEX is an updated homage to classics of yesteryear for today’s 20-somethings

just before I go 0

JUST BEFORE I GO – TFF 2014 Movie Review

JUST BEFORE I GO is a unique dramedy with a highly amusing, tongue-in-cheek tone. Directed by Courteney Cox, starring Seann William Scott

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10 Chick Flicks: May 2014 – WALK OF SHAME, MALEFICENT & More

The 411 on 10 chick flicks hitting theaters and digital/VOD from May 2-30—including WALK OF SHAME, MALEFICENT, and more!

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