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The BastardCast: In Conversation with Bill Corbett from RiffTrax and MST3K

This time on THE BASTARDCAST, Jeremy and Jason welcome RIFFTRAX and MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 vet Bill Corbett to talk about the upcoming RiffTrax Live

December 03, 2013 Geeky, Interviews, Invasion Radio
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THE BASTARDCAST vs. Our T.HanksGiving Festival of Love

This time on The BastardCast, we fight off tryptophan and pie guilt to talk about a new ROADHOUSE, the FAMILY GUY why, DOCTOR WHO, Rob

November 28, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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THE BASTARDCAST: In Conversation with Comic Book Writer Brian Winkeler and SEGA Historian Darren Wall

We're talking comics with Brian Winkeler from the KNUCKLEHEADS comic and old school video games with Darren Wall, who is putting together an authorized history

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The Popcast – Episode 107: Dreaming of Tom

This week on the Popcast, it’s Gwen and Mal who have been reaped as tributes and here they be talking all things Catching Fire. The

November 25, 2013 Invasion Radio, Movies
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 164 – Spinning Patellas

This week, Paul and AJ lack a plan. As always, when they lack a plan, they tend to just talk a whole bunch. Like, a

November 23, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio, Movies, Music
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The BastardCast In Conversation with Filmmaker Phil Morrison and Professional Badass Danny Trejo

The BastardCast chats with ALL IS BRIGHT director Phil Morrison and VIOLET AND DAISY star Danny Trejo

November 20, 2013 Features, Geeky, Interviews, Invasion Radio
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THE BASTARDCAST vs. Two Time Lords, A Batman and a Pizza Place

This time on THE BASTARDCAST, its a groin tearing, pizza ordering, Doctor Who and Batman discussing good time with a side of porn goggles, ghost

November 18, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 163 – Trust My Rage

In this super-sized episode, Joseph Lewis, original Gobbler and writer/director of the forthcoming pilot Nowheresville, reunites with Paul and AJ to…well, to sort of act as

November 16, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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THE BASTARDCAST vs. All the Superheroes, The Hunger Jared, and Holy Vicar of Booze

This time on THE BASTARDCAST, Jeremy and Jason discuss Marvel TV, DC films, GHOSTBUSTERS 3, Bruce Campbell, the Beer Pope, and more!

November 10, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 162 – Gobbledygeek Vs. The BastardCast Vs. Gobbledygeek

AJ and Paul get victimized by Jason and Jeremy from The BastardCast as they discuss comics, The Walking Dead, and badgers who know not the

November 10, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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The Popcast – Episode 106: The Extended Desolation of P.J.

This week it’s just Dan and Mal on board but fear not as the boys have plenty to talk about, bringing Cloudy With A Chance

November 09, 2013 Invasion Radio
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The BastardCast vs. The Night of the Living Podcast 2: The Outhouse of Horrors Halloween Special

  Is there anything scarier then five bloggers talking about scary movies and nugget covered candy apples? Of course there isn’t. Welcome to The BastardCast

October 31, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 161 – Big Häagen and the Stuff Dumpsters

THE END IS NIGH! Of Gobbledyween 2013, that is. And possibly of the world, if Big Haagen has its way in The Stuff. That’s right, the

October 29, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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THE BASTARDCAST vs. JCVD, Unicorns After Dark and Fred the Asteroid

On the BASTARDCAST this week, we're joined by Chris Cummins from Topless Robot and other sites to talk about comic censorship, Doctor Who, and the

October 25, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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The Popcast – Episode 105: 5 Minutes of Scoot

This week on The Popcast, we’re jonesing for banana’s and talking movies. In particular, 12 Years A Slave, Escape From Tomorrow and Saving Mr. Banks.

October 24, 2013 Invasion Radio, Movies, TV
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 160 – Twelve, More or Less

The penultimate week of Gobbledyween has arrived, and while that is indeed cause for national (nay, international) mourning, don’t worry: to make the most of

October 24, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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