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Gobbledygeek: Episode 170 – S: Part 1 – Writing in the Margins

Gobbledygeek seeks to nourish your mind with a new book club discussing J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst's novel-within-a-novel

February 07, 2014 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 169 – That Awkward Wezzo

The exceedingly British Wesley “Wezzo” Mead makes his triumphant return to Gobbledygeek, where he regales Paul and AJ with the triumphant story of his triumphantly watching

February 06, 2014 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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The Popcast – Episode 111: Giddy Hiddlegifs!

As awards season gets into full swing the Popcast family reassemble to discuss whats good, bad and missing from the nominations list.

February 03, 2014 Invasion Radio, Movies
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 168 – Geekier on the Inside

Faithful companion Eric Sipple guides new Whovians Paul and AJ through the timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly world of Doctor Who in this week's Gobbledygeek

January 23, 2014 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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The Popcast – Episode 110: Goodbye 2013 Part II

Ahoy sexy! We’re a few days into the new year and finally we finish our look back at 2013 by counting down our top 5

January 11, 2014 Invasion Radio, Movies
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The Popcast – Episode 109: Goodbye 2013 Part I

After a little delay and too much seasonal spirit, the first half of our look back at 2013 is here and things are about to

January 06, 2014 Invasion Radio, Movies
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THE BASTARDCAST vs. Booster Gold, Frankenstein and Bill Murray

Recorded by three disgraced mall Santa’s over a steel drum filled with burning dreams from the year gone by, it's THE BASTARDCAST CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

December 24, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 167 – 2013 in Review: SpaghettiOs, Batfleck, and Book-Readers

It’s all come down to this. A year of rambling, raging, and running off at the mouth has led to this one final episode of

December 18, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio, Movies, TV
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 166 – Turbo-Man and the Shelf Elf Insurrection

Remember that present you always wanted for Christmas but never got? Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to strap on a jetpack to put it in

December 15, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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The BastardCast vs. Wonder Woman, Unicorns, and Robot Hunting

This time, we're wondering about Wonder Woman and the X-Men movie verse while fending off predatory unicorns and hunting robots. Top that Gobbledygeek!

December 08, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 165 – You Are Nowhere

This time, we're talking with Joseph Lewis about his new web pilot, NOWHERESVILLE, THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, Black Friday mayhem, and college foosball. Suck

December 08, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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The Popcast – Episode 108: A Family Reunion

What better time than in the thick of holiday season for the gang to cut down their seven week hiatus and get together once again.

December 07, 2013 Invasion Radio, Movies
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The BastardCast: In Conversation with Bill Corbett from RiffTrax and MST3K

This time on THE BASTARDCAST, Jeremy and Jason welcome RIFFTRAX and MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 vet Bill Corbett to talk about the upcoming RiffTrax Live

December 03, 2013 Geeky, Interviews, Invasion Radio
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THE BASTARDCAST vs. Our T.HanksGiving Festival of Love

This time on The BastardCast, we fight off tryptophan and pie guilt to talk about a new ROADHOUSE, the FAMILY GUY why, DOCTOR WHO, Rob

November 28, 2013 Geeky, Invasion Radio
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THE BASTARDCAST: In Conversation with Comic Book Writer Brian Winkeler and SEGA Historian Darren Wall

We're talking comics with Brian Winkeler from the KNUCKLEHEADS comic and old school video games with Darren Wall, who is putting together an authorized history

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The Popcast – Episode 107: Dreaming of Tom

This week on the Popcast, it’s Gwen and Mal who have been reaped as tributes and here they be talking all things Catching Fire. The

November 25, 2013 Invasion Radio, Movies
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