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November 2015
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The Flash Recaps: ‘The Fury Of Firestorm’ And ‘The Darkness and the Light’

The last two episodes of The Flash season 2 had the team trying to save Professor Stein and Earth 2’s Harrison Wells’ need to stop Zoom.

BLACK SAILS Season 2 “Expanding Worlds” Clip

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  Anchor Bay Entertainment will be bringing the thrilling second season of the STARZ Original series BLACK SAILS to Blu-ray + Digital HD with Ultraviolet and DVD, in…

THE FLASH Recap: ‘Family of Rogues’

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The third episode of THE FLASH’s Season 2 brought us more of the Snart family and explosions…of the head to be exact.

THE FLASH Recap: Season 2, ‘Flash of Two Worlds’

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The second season of The Flash has been off to quite a great start introducing a new bad guy, new characters and Earth 2.

THE FLASH Season 2 Premiere Recap

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We were all captivated by THE FLASH’s first season—and Season 2’s premiere set up what looks to be an even more awesome season coming up!

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 3 Recap – “Under the Lake”

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This week on DOCTOR WHO: “The Dark. The Sword. The Forsaken. The Temple.” What does that mean? Continue reading to find out.

American Horror Story: Hotel Premiere Review

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Over the last few years, FX has been redefining television horror with their hit limited series: American Horror Story. This year, they are moving in to a hotel…

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 2 Recap – “The Witch’s Familiar”

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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 has been off to quite an awesome start with the epic two-part story involving two of our favorite ‘baddies’.

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 1 Recap – “The Magician’s Apprentice”

“He’s right behind you and one step ahead. Tread carefully when seeking the Doctor.”

Spotlight: The 3 Young Breakout Stars of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp

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If you’re like most of the world you probably have(or will) binge watched Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp and you’ve likely marveled at 3 of the new young talent.


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At Comic-Con, they showed the first peek at the much anticipated The Man in the High Castle series, which is debuting this fall.

SDCC ’15: Bryan Cranston Joins Animation World in SUPERMANSIONS

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Crackle is bringing together a hugely talented cast for their latest cartoon show, Supermansions. Some of the best people in comedy right now, including Keegan Michael Key, Seth…

SDCC ’15: History’s VIKINGS Season 4 Trailer Released

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The new Vikings Season 4 trailer has just been released online after debuting at comic-con this weekend.

SDCC ’15: 6 New Things We Learned About TEEN WOLF at Comic-Con

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We had a blast at Comic-Con! Here’s a full recap of all the juicy Teen Wolf tidbits we learned this weekend!

Eight Things We Learned From the DRUNK HISTORY Comic-Con Press Room

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For the last two years, Comedy Central has been bringing you some of the most interesting and lesser known historical stories, and without fail, the narrators have always…

SDCC ’15: TEEN WOLF Panel Live-Blog

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The panel opened with an amazing clip previewing the rest of this season including snippets of Lydia getting worked on by The Doctors, someone evil talking to Stiles…