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THE WALKING DEAD “The Grove” Episode Recap… “Just look at The Flowers”

This week's episode focused on Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and baby Judith and their rough path to the sanctuary called Terminus

March 16, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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Over the last week, our six It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia experts have narrowed 32 Sunnys down to just 16. Check out which ones advanced

March 16, 2014 TV
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Everything We Know About MAD MEN’s Final Season So Far

Mad Men's 7th and final season will premiere on AMC starting 4/13. Check out the teaser trailer and stills to get a hint at what's

March 14, 2014 News, TV
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JUSTIFIED “Wrong Roads” Episode Recap

While there were some things I liked about “Wrong Roads,” it ultimately felt busy and continued to keep the season from making any real progress.

March 12, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
Silicon Valley 1 0 SILICON VALLEY – SXSW 2014 Review Overall Score


HBO's new comedy Silicon Valley is the latest project for comedy juggernauts Mike Judge and Alec Berg

March 12, 2014 Film Festivals, SXSW, TV
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JUSTIFIED “Whistle Past the Graveyard” Episode Recap

Apologies for another abbreviated recap for “Whistle Past the Graveyard.” Raylan spent most of the episode with Wendy as they searched for Kendal who ended

March 11, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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Happy Birthday, Jon Hamm!

It's Jon Hamm's birthday and we should all celebrate, because it's Jon Hamm and he's marvelous

March 10, 2014 Features, Movies, TV
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THE WALKING DEAD “Alone” Episode Recap

This week's episode had the good and lots of bad. In true WALKING DEAD fashion, when something good happens, something bad usually follows

March 10, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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SNL Highlights: Lena Dunham Spoofs SCANDAL, Taran Killam Nails McConaughey

Lena Dunham invaded Saturday Night Live this week. See how she fared as host and watch the best sketches.

March 09, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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March Madness: IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA Top 32 Bracket!

Hello readers, and welcome to the 2014 edition of Screen Invasion’s March Madness! This is the third time SI has done a bracket such as

March 09, 2014 TV
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HOUSE OF CARDS Chapter 17 (Season 2) Review

There’s tension between Frank and Remy. Claire is preparing for her joint-interview with Frank and the possibility of fielding questions about their lack of children.

March 07, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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ALMOST HUMAN “Straw Man” Recap

Viv Mah reviews the thirteenth and final episode of Almost Human, "Straw Man"

March 06, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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THE WALKING DEAD “Still” Episode Recap

This week focused on Daryl and Beth and how difficult it has been for them to accept that they just might be the only survivors

March 03, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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HOUSE OF CARDS Chapter 16 (Season 2) Review

House of Cards has become the lynchpin of my pop culture debates at work and at home.

February 28, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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Ruminations on SCANDAL’s Mama Pope

Some thoughts on (and hopes for) the mystery that is SCANDAL's Mama Pope

February 27, 2014 Features, This Chick's Flicks, TV
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JUSTIFIED “Raw Deal” Episode Recap

Unfortunately, life got in the way of my TV watching duties so this will be a somewhat condensed recap of this week's Justified. Apologies in

February 26, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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