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FARGO – Episode 5 Recap

Last week's FARGO left us with Lester being in a jail cell with Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench and the potential for something insane happening!

May 15, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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FARGO – Episode 4 Recap

Things are heating up on FARGO…Lester may not be safe anymore and Malvo just cannot be caught no matter how hard Molly tries to get

May 08, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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SNL Highlights: The Beygency & Normal Kissing with Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield's SNL was uneven but saved by The Beygency, Emma Stone and a Justin Timberlake impression.

May 04, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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FARGO – Episode 3 Recap

In this week's episode it seems like Molly is getting closer and closer to figuring out if Lester Nygaard has involvement in those string of

May 04, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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FARGO – Episode 2 Recap

Last week's FARGO did a lovely job introducing a lot of the characters of the show, and this week, the storyline develops a bit more

April 24, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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Enter To Win Pop Culture Posters From Etsy’s YakawonisQuilling!

Enter to win 2 pop culture posters of your choosing from the YakawonisQuilling Etsy shop! And get 15% off with the SCREENINVASION code.

April 22, 2014 Giveaways, TV
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How am I Supposed to Feel About Jaime Lannister Now?

Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Hunger Games. A thousand others. Franchises first nurtured via the printed word, drawing in millions of readers and their

April 21, 2014 TV
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FARGO “The Crocodile’s Dilemma” Premiere Episode Recap

Aww Jeez, the premiere of FX's Fargo has come and it delivered just what you'd expect from a show that's based on the film.

April 16, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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The winner has been decided in our March Madness It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia bracket! Find out which episode won!

April 15, 2014 TV
Best Mad Men Episodes 0

The 12 Best Mad Men Episodes

Mad Men is coming to a close with its seventh and final season. We look back at the 12 best Mad Men episodes to date

April 13, 2014 Lists, TV
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JUSTIFIED “Restitution” Episode Recap

While most of Justified‘s fifth season was somewhat hit-or-miss, the show really got its act together towards the end of the run, and while “Restitution” tied

April 10, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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We are down to the finals in our It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia bracket, and it's Chardee MacDennis vs. Wedding Massacre. What gets your vote

April 07, 2014 TV
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Prep Yourself for GAME OF THRONES Season 4

A few ways and means to prep yourself for GAME OF THRONES Season 4, returning to HBO on Sunday, April 6 at 9|8c

April 04, 2014 TV
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April’s New and Returning Lady-Centric TV

Check out the lady-centric TV series returning/starting in April—including THE MINDY PROJECT, VEEP, AWKWARD. and ORPHAN

April 04, 2014 This Chick's Flicks, TV
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Why I Loved and Hated the How I Met Your Mother Finale

We have mixed feelings about the How I Met Your Mother finale, as we are sure many of you do.

April 01, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Finale “A” Recap

Season 4 has come to an end and boy was it filled with tense moments and some much appreciated flashbacks (at least for me!)

March 31, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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