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JUSTIFIED “Kill the Messenger” Episode Recap

I know that I've been mostly lukewarm towards this season of Justified, and while I didn't love everything about "Kill the Messenger," I have to

February 11, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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GIRLS, “Free Snacks” Episode Recap

Quality television will always require some level of patience, because sometimes what's so frustrating about an episode like "Only Child" makes an episode like "Free

February 09, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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LA Invasion: THE AMERICANS Serves Up Cold Vodka and The Cold War

LA press and a few of the great minds behind The Americans gathered at a local bar to celebrate the release of The Americans Season

February 07, 2014 TV
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The Water Cooler: A Weekly Pop Culture Chat

You ever just want to sit around and talk about anything going on in the pop culture? Want to share your thoughts with other awesome

February 07, 2014 Features, Movies, TV
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SHERLOCK Series 3 Episode 3 “His Last Vow” Recap

Now that the wedding is over, it's only right that a huge load of drama and craziness follows right? Right!

February 05, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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JUSTIFIED “Shot All to Hell” Episode Recap

After a few brief scenes in last week's Justified, Raylan and Boyd were back in their separate corners juggling all of the balls that have

February 05, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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ALMOST HUMAN “Unbound” Episode Recap

Following it's three week hiatus, Viv Mah reviews the ninth episode of Almost Human, "Unbound"

February 04, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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The TV Show Blu-Rays/DVDs You Need to Buy This Month

There’s almost always an awesome Blu-ray/DVD set for a TV Show coming out each month, so which ones should you pay attention to this month

February 04, 2014 Blu-ray and DVD, TV
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Enter to Win the Captivating Mini-Series THE WHITE QUEEN on Blu-ray!

Men Go To Battle – Women Wage War The White Queen on Blu-ray with Digital HD Ultraviolet and DVD on February 4 Three-Disc Set Contains All

February 03, 2014 Blu-ray and DVD, Giveaways, TV
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Top 7 Best Super Bowl Commercials

For some people, the best Super Bowl commercials are the highlight of Super Bowl Sunday. We agree. Watch the 7 best commercials here.

February 02, 2014 News, TV
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Happy Birthday Michael C. Hall/Dexter Morgan!

I don't get birthdays; the party, the song. Celebrating another year just being alive feels... forced

February 01, 2014 Features, TV
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Watch These Super Bowl Commercials Before The Super Bowl

While we're excited to see the Broncos face off against the Seahawks, we'll leave the sports talk to the experts. We really care about the

February 01, 2014 Movies, News, Trailers, TV
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GIRLS, “Only Child” Episode Recap

The girls on Girls are some of the worst people on TV, something that you, dear reader, obviously don't need me to spell out for

February 01, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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SHERLOCK Series 3 Episode 2 “The Sign of Three” Recap

The 2nd episode brought about the wedding we were all waiting for. No, not the one between Sherlock and John Johnlock shippers, but the one

January 31, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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JUSTIFIED “Over the Mountain” Episode Recap

**SPOILERS AHEAD** I’ve been waiting all season long for Raylan and Boyd to hook up on Justified, which finally happened in “Over the Mountain,” and

January 28, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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We're almost there horror fans, and last week delivered an American Horror Story: Coven episode that in many ways felt like the one I've been

January 28, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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