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Game of Thrones 0

Telltale Games Developing Game of Thrones Video Game

Can't get enough of the Starks, Lannisters, and Baratheons? Telltale games is coming to your rescue with a new GOT video game

February 13, 2014 News, Video Games
Alien: Isolation 0

Alien: Isolation – New Screenshots!

UK developer Creative Assembly is developing a survival horror game set in the Alien universe. Success, or Colonial Marines

February 12, 2014 Features, Video Games
jim rossignol 0

GameInvasion Episode 1: Jim Rossignol Interview

In our first episode of GameInvasion, we interview Jim Rossignol, a developer for Sir, You Are Being Hunted

February 10, 2014 Interviews, Video Games
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil 0

EA Announces 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Game

EA has announced a 2014 World Cup version of its FIFA franchise. We got the deets on the new features you can expect when the

February 07, 2014 News, Video Games
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea-Episode 2 0

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Gets Release Date

Bioshock Infinite's final DLC gets a release date. Can it blow our minds one last time

February 05, 2014 News, Video Games
flash games 0

New Flash Games You Don’t Want To Miss

Ever since I claimed my crown as the Dark Lord of Video Games at Screen Invasion, I’ve been inundated with tributes of gold and jewels,

February 04, 2014 Features, Video Games

GTA V Coming to PC and Next-Gen Consoles?

We try to decipher various clues across the internet that are pointing to a PC, Xbox One, and PS4 version of GTA V coming out

February 03, 2014 News, Video Games
Halo 2 Anniversary 0

[Rumor] Halo 2 Anniversary Coming This November?

A verified user on NeoGAF forums has revealed that Halo 2 Anniversary is coming to Xbox One this November. Time to start the hype train

January 30, 2014 News, Video Games
rekoil 0 Rekoil Video Game Review Overall Score

Rekoil Video Game Review

Rekoil has guns and dudes to shoot with guns. That's pretty much it

January 30, 2014 Reviews, Video Games
The Elder Scrolls Online 0

New The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer – Why Cinematic Trailers Are Now All The Rage

The Elder Scrolls Online has released a new cinematic trailer. Why are these types of trailers suddenly so hip

January 29, 2014 Features, Trailers, Video Games
amazon 0

Is Amazon Making an Android Game Console? Sort Of.

The online megaretailer Amazon is apparently planning to release an Android powered game console/media box, joining the throngs of internet giants shoving their way into

January 29, 2014 News, Video Games
Square Enix Collective 0

Square Enix Collective Crowdfunding Initiative Officially Launches

The Square Enix Collective has officially launched! Details inside on what exactly this is, plus the first three titles you can vote for

January 28, 2014 News, Video Games
Evolve 0

Left 4 Dead Creators Developing Next-Gen Sci-Fi Shooter Evolve; To Release In Fall 2014

Evolve is coming to next-gen consoles and PC in Fall 2014 - we have details on the gameplay and features of this sci-fi shooter

January 25, 2014 News, Video Games
elder scrolls online 0

Elder Scrolls Online Announces Voice Cast

The Elder Scrolls series has never shied away from getting attracting some top notch voice talent in their more recent games, gathering such thespians as

January 24, 2014 News, Video Games
nintendo fusion 0

The Nintendo Fusion? Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console Possibly Revealed

The Nintendo Fusion??? Nintendo's next-gen console possibly revealed. We look at what Nintendo must do to make this console a success

January 23, 2014 Features, Video Games
the banner saga 0

Candy Crush Studio Files Trademark Complaint Over The Banner Saga

The litigious litigators behind Candy Crush have a problem with anyone using the word "saga" in their title. Seriously.

January 22, 2014 News, Video Games
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