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June 2016
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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 2 – Early Access Granted

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It’s Episode 2 of GameInvasion! Join myself along with co-host Nick Hammer, his wife Katie Hammer, and Nicholas Weber as we discuss the pros and cons, the benefits…

Xbox Exec Backs Knights of the Old Republic Anniversary (Are You Listening Disney?)

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is ripe for an HD remake, a move that would prove beneficial for all parties invovled

Artsy Walking Simulator Reviews: realMyst Masterpiece Edition, MirrorMoon EP, NaissancE

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Get some art up in your game. Check out a “Walking Simulator” here.

GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 1 – Rated O for Old

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It’s GameInvasion, our new weekly podcast for all things video games at! Episode 1 – Rated O for Old

Activision Confirms New Tony Hawk Game in the Works

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Grab your boards, strap on your DC shoes, and head to your nearest halfpipe. Activision has just confirmed a new Tony Hawk game

Twitch Plays Pokemon – The Tenth Circle of Hell?

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Twitch Plays Pokemon is dumb, stupid, meaningless, confusing, torturous. In a word, Hell. And it’s taking the internet by storm.

5 Features We’d Like In The Next GTA 5 Update

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While many gamers are eagerly waiting for the GTA 5 PC Version to be released, Xbox and PS3 players are already waiting for the next update of their favorite game.

Bioshocked: Irrational Games Is Shutting Down

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Ken Levine announced he is shuttering Irrational Games, developer of Bioshock.

Nintendo Direct 2.13.2014 Recap: Mario Kart 8, Metroid Fusion, Yoshi’s Island

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We have the scoop on Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct announcements

CandySwiped: The Trademark Dispute Saga Of Candy Crush Continues

  • Array, makers of Candy Crush Saga, feel the wrath of Runsome Apps in an open letter from its founder.

Telltale Games Developing Game of Thrones Video Game

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Can’t get enough of the Starks, Lannisters, and Baratheons? Telltale games is coming to your rescue with a new GOT video game

Alien: Isolation – New Screenshots!

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UK developer Creative Assembly is developing a survival horror game set in the Alien universe. Success, or Colonial Marines 2.0?

GameInvasion Episode 1: Jim Rossignol Interview

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In our first episode of GameInvasion, we interview Jim Rossignol, a developer for Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

EA Announces 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Game

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EA has announced a 2014 World Cup version of its FIFA franchise. We got the deets on the new features you can expect when the game drops

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Gets Release Date

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Bioshock Infinite’s final DLC gets a release date. Can it blow our minds one last time?

New Flash Games You Don’t Want To Miss

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Ever since I claimed my crown as the Dark Lord of Video Games at Screen Invasion, I’ve been inundated with tributes of gold and jewels, my coinpurse so…