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Square Enix Collective 0

Square Enix Collective Crowdfunding Initiative Officially Launches

The Square Enix Collective has officially launched! Details inside on what exactly this is, plus the first three titles you can vote for

January 28, 2014 News, Video Games
Evolve 0

Left 4 Dead Creators Developing Next-Gen Sci-Fi Shooter Evolve; To Release In Fall 2014

Evolve is coming to next-gen consoles and PC in Fall 2014 - we have details on the gameplay and features of this sci-fi shooter

January 25, 2014 News, Video Games
elder scrolls online 0

Elder Scrolls Online Announces Voice Cast

The Elder Scrolls series has never shied away from getting attracting some top notch voice talent in their more recent games, gathering such thespians as

January 24, 2014 News, Video Games
nintendo fusion 0

The Nintendo Fusion? Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console Possibly Revealed

The Nintendo Fusion??? Nintendo's next-gen console possibly revealed. We look at what Nintendo must do to make this console a success

January 23, 2014 Features, Video Games
the banner saga 0

Candy Crush Studio Files Trademark Complaint Over The Banner Saga

The litigious litigators behind Candy Crush have a problem with anyone using the word "saga" in their title. Seriously.

January 22, 2014 News, Video Games
ea sports ufc 0

EA Sports UFC Preview – Will It Be A Next-Gen Knockout?

As UFC’s brand grows both domestically and globally, it is only natural that they strive to reach a broader audience through a revamped, next-gen console

January 21, 2014 Features, Video Games
nidhogg 0 Review: Nidhogg is Brutal, Glorious Swordfighting Overall Score

Review: Nidhogg is Brutal, Glorious Swordfighting

Swish swish! Clang clang! Nidhogg cuts a swathe of love into our hearts. Find out what I thought inside

January 21, 2014 Reviews, Video Games
valve-logo 0

The Incomplete Trilogies of Valve

Let's take a look at where Valve stands with its most popular game franchises. Are they incapable of completing a trilogy

January 20, 2014 Features, Video Games
wii-u 0

Nintendo Announces 70% Drop In Wii U Sales Projections

In a shocking announcement, Nintendo revealed Friday that it is altering its projected Wii U sales forecast from 9 million units to 2.8 million units.

January 18, 2014 News, Video Games
early access 0

Access Granted: The Good and Bad of Steam Early Access

Steam's Early Access is a way for gamers to purchase and play an unfinished, early version of the game. Should you buy in

January 17, 2014 Features, Video Games
Brothers-A-Tale-of-Two-Sons-Wallpaper-HD 0 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – A Modern Day David Amongst Goliaths Overall Score

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – A Modern Day David Amongst Goliaths

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a one of a kind gaming experience that measures up to even the most grandiose games of

January 17, 2014 Reviews, Video Games
RBI baseball 14 0

Cult Classic R.B.I. Baseball to return in Spring 2014

On the heels of 2K Sports’ announcement that it will be discontinuing its Major League Baseball game franchise, MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) announced this week

January 16, 2014 News, Video Games
starbound patch 0

Upcoming Starbound Patch Offers Perma-Death, Guns, Decorative Hats

The new Starbound patch promises perma-death, guns, hats, and will murder your universe.

January 15, 2014 News, Video Games
bioshock infinite 0

Bioshock Infinite Now Free for Playstation Plus Members

Sony adds Bioshock Infinite to its Playstation Plus roster, and is holding a "14 for 14" sale

January 14, 2014 News, Video Games
simcity offline 0

SimCity Offline Mode Coming Soon

SimCity Offline is finally happening soon. Read more about the news here

January 13, 2014 News, Video Games
elder scrolls online 0

The Elder Scrolls Online Sets Launch Date/Prices

The Elder Scrolls Online with have a monthly subscription model, and its future is uncertain.

January 10, 2014 News, Video Games
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