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FAR CRY 4 – What Makes Animals The Best Part Of The Game?

In “Far Cry 4”, the most recent open world shooter game from Ubisoft, you can explore the land and shoot the many animals you come

February 17, 2015 Features, Video Games
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The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2015

Driving games, fighting games, role playing, there are many different types of game released every year, every manufacturer either hoping to copy the success of

February 14, 2015 Features, Video Games
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Old Man Logan Joins Secret Wars

It has been announced last Friday that Brian Michael Bendis will be bring back the “Old Man Logan” comic book series. The series is returning for

February 14, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
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What Makes Us Happy About Films?

After watching Hector and the Search for Happiness, I was inspired to think about what things make us happy about films

February 14, 2015 Movies
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New York Toy Fair 2015 Starts Today!

The Toy Fair is back in town! The largest toy fair will be having its annual convention in New York. The New York Toy Fair

February 14, 2015 Geeky
50SoG1 0 FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Movie Review – Untimely, Non-Essential Filmmaking Overall Score

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Movie Review – Untimely, Non-Essential Filmmaking

Fifty Shades of Grey is filed with retrograde ideas of gender, empowerment, and agency made semi-bearable by a comedy-filled first hour

February 14, 2015 Movie Review, Movies, News
Kingsman 0 James Bond Meets Kick-Ass in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE Overall Score


Kingsman: The Secret Service is every bit the crazy, violent film we've come to expect from Matthew Vaughn

February 12, 2015 Movie Review, Movies
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FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Satisfies Your Every Desire – A Fan’s Perspective

Sex is what obviously drives the narrative of Fifty Shades of Grey; however, deeply woven within this fiery passion is a love story

February 12, 2015 Features, Movies
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Watch: First Trailer For Slick, Sexy, Spy Caper THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E

Guy Ritchie’s new, ’60s-set spy film The Man From U.N.C.L.E, looks far better than I was expecting. It’s sleek, fun, and sexy capturing that signature

February 11, 2015 Movies, Trailers
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If you haven’t noticed, AOL is putting out some quality original programming! I first caught on when they did a sweet, heartwarming documentary series with

February 11, 2015 TV

DC Comics: The Complete List of New and Continuing Titles

This summer, DC Entertainment will be launching its June slate of comics and graphic novels. The slate will begin on June 3 with a lineup

February 11, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
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Introducing A-Force: All-Female Avengers Team

Looks like the Avengers are yesterday’s news. The iconic superhero team is being replaced by an all-female team: A-Force! Move over, Earth’s Mightest Heroes, now

February 08, 2015 Geeky
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April Variants: What the Duck?

With Howard the Duck making a comeback to comics in “Howard the Duck #1″, Marvel has announced April’s variant covers as ‘What the Duck?!’ as

February 06, 2015 Geeky
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MAGIC MIKE XXL is Coming. Watch The First Trailer!

MAGIC MIKE XXL is making sure you have a happy hump day! With just a quick trailer and teaser poster, they’ve already got the fans

February 04, 2015 Movies, Trailers
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Marvel’s DAREDEVIL Asks For Forgiveness In New Trailer

We're getting our first look at the results of the Marvel/Netflix deal and it is certainly off to a great start with this new DAREDEVIL

February 04, 2015 Trailers, TV
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We’ve Got FROZEN FEVER! First Look at New Disney Short

Good news, Frozen fans! Walt Disney Animation Studios’ all-new short “Frozen Fever,” which welcomes Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf back to the big screen, will

February 03, 2015 Movies, News
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