Captain America2.6 0 CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Movie Review – Beware the Ides of SHIELD Overall Score


Successfully advances both Marvel's Cinematic Universe and Captain America's individual story

April 02, 2014 Movie Review, Movies
into the storm 0

INTO THE STORM Trailer – If Sharknado Took Itself Seriously

Into the Storm trailer looks like a mix of Sharknado and Twister. And yet, I really want to see it when it comes out!

April 02, 2014 Movies, Trailers
Justified-titlecard 0

JUSTIFIED “Starvation” Episode Recap

You got to give it to Justified because it can really make things interesting during the final stretch. While I didn’t love everything about “Starvation,” I have

April 02, 2014 Movies
heather_mcintosh_sxsw_2014.jpg 0

Emerging Film Composer Heather McIntosh is a Musical Badass

Heather McIntosh is a badass.  She may or may not corroborate this estimation of her character, but how else can you describe someone with her

Last Forever Part One 0

Why I Loved and Hated the How I Met Your Mother Finale

We have mixed feelings about the How I Met Your Mother finale, as we are sure many of you do.

April 01, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
seal team 8: behind enemy lines 0

Enter to win SEAL TEAM 8: BEHIND ENEMY LINES on Blu-ray!

The African Congo has never been more treacherous as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment takes the Behind Enemy Lines franchise to deadly new territory in

March 31, 2014 Blu-ray and DVD, Giveaways, Movies
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Romancing the Stone is a quintessential eighties action/adventure movie.  The factors that were required for such a film were that it either had to be

March 31, 2014 Movies, News
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Exclusive New Trailer from FAVOR

One of the most original films of 2014 could be Favor, a thriller directed by Paul Osborne that has already drawn acclaim at many festivals

March 31, 2014 Movies, Trailers
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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 5 – Sequels

This week on GameInvasion, we talk about Facebook VR, great sequels and not-so great ones

Walking-Dead-season-4-finale-2 0

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Finale “A” Recap

Season 4 has come to an end and boy was it filled with tense moments and some much appreciated flashbacks (at least for me!)

March 31, 2014 TV, TV Recaps
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Gobbledygeek: Episode 177 – The Sandman: Vol. I – Preludes & Nocturnes

You ever have that dream where Paul and AJ are discussing the greatest comic book of all time in ten spoiler-free monthly installments? Yeah, us

March 30, 2014 Comic Book, Geeky, Invasion Radio
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We are down to the Final Four in our It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia bracket. Find out which #1 seeds fell!

March 30, 2014 TV
Total Recall 0

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ten Finest Films

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the quintessential action star. The former weight lifter got his start as a thug in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye (1973)

March 28, 2014 Lists, Movie Review, Movies
ya films divergent 0

YA Films By The Numbers – From HARRY POTTER To DIVERGENT

Wherein the 'success' of YA films adapted from young-adult fiction—from HARRY POTTER & THE HUNGER GAMES, to DIVERGENT—is evaluated

Jessica Chobot 0

REAL GEEK GIRLS: Jessica Chobot from’s Nerdist News

The goal of this series is to show the world that real geek girls exist. So say it loud, say it proud ladies! This week,

March 28, 2014 Features, Real Geek Girls
The National 0 MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS Movie Review: The National’s Brotherly Love? It’s Complicated. Overall Score

MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS Movie Review: The National’s Brotherly Love? It’s Complicated.

The National's High Violet tour is the backdrop for this exploration of the lead singer's complicated relationship with his brother

March 28, 2014 Movie Review, Movies
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