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December 2015
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Beyond the Actual Walk, Does THE WALK Matter? – Movie Review

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THE WALK: Watching Philippe Petit’s 1974 high-wire walk across New York’s Twin Towers in 3D is unbelievable. The rest? Not so much.

ANOMALISA Fantastic Fest Movie Review

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Anomalisa. Directors:  Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson. Writer: Charlie Kaufman. Actors: David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Tom Noonan. Whenever Charlie Kaufman makes a movie, people pay attention….

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 2 Recap – “The Witch’s Familiar”

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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 has been off to quite an awesome start with the epic two-part story involving two of our favorite ‘baddies’.

THE WAVE Fantastic Fest Movie Review

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The Wave. Director: Roar Uthag. Writers: John Kåre Raake, Harald Rosenløw-Eeg. Actors: Kristoffer Joner, Ane Dahl Torp, Jonas Hoff Oftebro, Fridtjov Såheim and Edith Haagenrud-Sande.   Disaster movies have this very American…

GREEN ROOM Fantastic Fest Movie Review

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My Rating: There are filmmaking partnerships between director and actor that make for great cinema like Scorcese and DiCaprio, or Carpenter and Russell, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp….

FEBRUARY Fantastic Fest Movie Review

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My Rating: For a filmmaker, taking on a horror film with the purpose of making it feel different than from what that genre typically, often lazily, trudges out…

Most Anticipated Fantastic Fest 2015 Movies

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The most wonderful week of the year is coming up with Fantastic Fest, the genre film festival hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. It’s going to…

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 1 Recap – “The Magician’s Apprentice”

“He’s right behind you and one step ahead. Tread carefully when seeking the Doctor.”

BLACK MASS Movie Review – Sinks Under the Weight of Depp’s Latex Appliances

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My Rating:   After what seemed like a never-ending series of bombs and misfires culminating with Mortdecai earlier this year, Johnny Depp’s career as an A-list leading man…

REAL GEEK MOMS: Shawnon Hoskinson

The goal of this series is to show the world that moms can be geeky too! This week, meet mother of two Shawnon Hoskinson!

New Trailer for THE JUNGLE BOOK: Bill Murray Will Voice Baloo

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  Disney just released a new trailer for THE JUNGLE BOOK, a live action version of the animated classic from 1967. When I first heard about this project…

Johnny Depp’s 5 Best Portrayals of Real People

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How does Johnny Depp’s portrayal of James “Whitey” Bulger stack up against his other roles based on real people?

EVEREST Might Be The Best Commercial for Why You Should Never Climb a Mountain – Movie Review

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EVEREST: Might be the best commercial for why you should never climb a mountain.

THE VISIT Movie Review – M. Night’s Losing Streak Continues

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THE VISIT: M. Night Shyamalan’s latest misfire is neither straight-up horror nor comedy, but a bizarre, ill-fitting mixture of the two.

THE TRANSPORTER: REFUELED Movie Review – Faux, Ersatz Statham Is No Statham At All

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THE TRANSPORTER: REFUELED — Yet another ill-conceived, poorly executed reboot.


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