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Joker Variant Covers for June

This June, DC Comics will be publishing Joker themed variants. There will be a total of 25 titles that will have the Joker variants. Looks

March 15, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
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Exclusive Interview: Analeine Cal y Mayor Talks About Treading Water, Douglas Smith and Zoë Kravitz

Everyone goes through an awkward phase on the journey from the shallow, kids’ pool to the deep end known as adulthood. But if you’re like

March 13, 2015 Interviews, Movies
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Oscar Watching: Changing It Up

As the 2014 Oscar season comes to an end, as Richard Linklater’s Boyhood has solidified its 12-year timeframe in cinematic history in just a few

March 13, 2015 Features, Movies, Oscar Watching
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Secret Wars: Armor Wars

Marvel has announced another series heading to the “Secret Wars” event, “Armor Wars.” In an interview with ComicsAlliance, James Robinson talked about the series. “When

March 13, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
Cinderella5 0 CINDERELLA Movie Review – Everything Old is New Again Overall Score

CINDERELLA Movie Review – Everything Old is New Again

Breaking the decades-long streak of revisionist takes on European fairy tales, including Disney’s own Maleficent just last year, Kenneth Branagh’s (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Thor,

March 13, 2015 Movie Review, Movies, News
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Captain Marvel and The Carol Corps

During ‘Secret Wars” while everyone is fighting on the ground, who will take the fight to the skies? “Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps” that’s

March 12, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
Run All Night 0 At 62, Liam Neeson Can Still RUN ALL NIGHT – Movie Review Overall Score

At 62, Liam Neeson Can Still RUN ALL NIGHT – Movie Review

Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills. Since 2008′s Taken, that set has been mostly limited to kicking ass and taking names. There’s nothing wrong

March 12, 2015 Movie Review, Movies
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SECRET WARS: Guardians of Knowhere

The “Secret Wars” event just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It was announced via Entertainment Weekly that Brian Michael Bendis will be bringing his Guardians of the Galaxy series into

March 07, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
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More What the Duck?! Variant Covers

Marvel has revealed six more variant covers for April’s What the Duck?! event in celebration of “Howard the Duck #1″ debuting next week. Here is

March 07, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
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SECRET WARS Tie-in: 1872

In the latest “Secret Wars” tie-in 1872, Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk will be living life in the Wild West! The three heroes as

March 07, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
second_best_marigold_hotel 0 THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL Movie Review – A Comforting Comeback Overall Score

THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL Movie Review – A Comforting Comeback

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel comes back as soothing and cozy as its predecessor

March 07, 2015 Movie Review, Movies
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Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2015

Every year, the market is hit by hundreds of new video games. Some are released by well-known gaming developers, while others are sequels to previous

March 07, 2015 Video Games
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Looks like the Runaways are joining in on the “Secret Wars” fun! Comic Book Resources reports that the new series will feature characters from across

February 28, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
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Top 10 Video Game Controversies From 2014

Nearly all video games released these days are notorious. However, 2014 was particularly special. If you thought that SimCity, Diablo III and Mass Effect 3

February 28, 2015 Video Games
lazarus effect 0 THE LAZARUS EFFECT Movie Review – Do Not Revive, Do Not Resuscitate Overall Score

THE LAZARUS EFFECT Movie Review – Do Not Revive, Do Not Resuscitate

THE LAZARUS EFFECT: Someone forgot to put a "Do Not Revive, Do Not Resuscitate" order on this film

February 28, 2015 Movie Review, Movies
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Marvel: New York Themed Variants

New York City has been home some of Marvel Comics’ favorite superheroes like the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Spider-Man. Marvel is releasing 15-themed variant covers

February 26, 2015 Comic Book, Geeky
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