A TRIPLE FRONTIER Possible For Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp And Kathryn Bigelow

It has been announced that Tom Hanks is considering a lead role Kathryn Bigelow’s next film titled Triple Frontier. Now it is being reporting that Johnny Depp hovering over a role in the film. This would mean that two of the most versatile and charismatic actors would be on the big screen together.  To me that is an awesome scenario and one that I hope occurs.

The film is set in the organized crime haven that exists in the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.a haven for organized crime.  Not much else is known other than that the film is an ensemble piece and has three other nice sized roles yet to be filled. 
So far this is shaping up to be a great movie for Bigelow to film as a follow up to The Hurt Locker.  I will see anything with Depp or Hanks starring so to have a film possibly with both stars would be perfect.   
Does this sound like a great film to you so far?
Source: Deadline

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