Netflix Watch Instant: The Complete Series of Dollhouse

You missed out on this great show. Don’t lie, you know you didn’t watch it. I know because no one did. It’s ok, I forgive you. Airing in the Friday dead zone, it’s totally understandable. But now thanks to Netflix Watch Instant, you can watch this gem of a show that everybody missed.

Dollhouse suffered from taking too long to find it’s voice, mainly because of network meddling in yet another great Joss Whedon show. Seriously, you’d think he’d have learned after Firefly, but Eliza Dushku’s contract with Fox made it impossible to take this show elsewhere. While at times it was a clunky, flat vehicle for Eliza Dushku, it found it’s footing and became an indepth look at what makes a personwho they are, with the recurring theme of what is a soul and if love could really conquer all.

The show could be hit or miss, but when it hit it was the best thing on television that week. Watch a trailer below and then hop over to Netflix and get to marathoning! With only 2 short seasons, it’s a fairly quick watch as far as television series go.

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Kristal Bailey

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