Here’s a video from rapper T.Shirt called 24 Frames (Movie Night) to kick off the weekend. It’s described as “Over120 films, 30 friends, one-shot through 2 floors of a movie theatre in Soho.”
Here is a full description form the YouTube page:

Directed by Dred and Ronin of HotMop Films. The one-shot clip stars rapper/artist T.Shirt, and model Klazina Crawford, with various cameos by artists and producers such as Darvin Silva, twin rockband, The Astor Kings, jewelry designer Osa, of Complete Technique, and conceptual street artists, URNEWYORK, to name a few. 

24 Frames (Movie Night) was produced by The Bird & The Bee, remixed and re-arranged by Darvin Silva. It can be found on last year’s Tan-Face Children EP which you can download here (​gx5ct5erg8zs) or for the individual tracks. 

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Check out the video below and share your thoughts!

Source: The High Definite

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