WORLD WAR Z adaptation may be in trouble!

Zombies are all the rage right now with The Walking Dead and Dead Island, yet WORLD WAR Z is surprisingly having trouble getting into production. The film adaptation even has Brad Pitt and his Plan B production company producing, and Marc Forster (QUANTUM OF SOLACE) attached to direct. Keep reading to find out why the film hasn’t been made yet?

The stalling point is the budget, set at $125 million dollars. Paramount Pictures hasn’t been able to find a partner to help split the cost of making the movie. They are concerned about taking 100% of the risk. Again, with the success of The Walking Dead and zombies being in style and the book being awesome, I guarantee this will be a huge hit.

According to Vulture if Paramount doesn’t find someone to partner up with the studio will just pull the plug on the project! They also report, “Insiders say an eleventh-hour effort is being made to court frequent Paramount co-financier David Ellison (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE IV, TOP GUN II) as well as another, unspecified investor.” It would be a shame to see this film fall to pieces, so let’s hope someone comes into save the day.

Paramount Film Group president Adam Goodman had this to say in a statement,

We’re really committed to making a big, kick-ass giant movie with Marc Forster and Brad Pitt.

If paramount doesn’t find co-financing then I hope that another studio decides to pick it up. I think that this is poised to be a gigantic hit at the box office. Do you agree? Share your thoughts below!

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