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The Hangover Part 2 – movie review

Back in 2009 Director Todd Phillips provided me with the only hangover I can ever claimed to have enjoyed. Although I’ve never kidnapped Mike Tysons tiger or married a prostitute, I have had some wild and (probably for the best) forgettable nights. So when the boozy R rated Vegas vehicle crash landed in front of me two years ago I was presented with a comedy that I could not only laugh heartily at but also connect with, as strange as that sounds. But as the saying goes “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” which is some sound advice Phillips really should have took to heart. Despite some beautiful locations, cinematography and a small handful of laugh out loud moments The Hangover Part II is a bloated, flacid and all round flimsy rehash of its predecessor.

If you’ve heard people say that its pretty much exactly the same movie as the first flick just set in Thailand then listen to them, for they are correct. The movie follows exactly the same structure as the original, from the hazy awakening to the rushed and frankly cheap pay off. It feels like the plot trajectories of the film have been traced from the originals script. The fact that its such a carbon copy takes away the element of surprise and fun and at points the film becomes incredibly predictable and dare I say it boring! The working out of what happened the night before does lead to some pretty damn funny moments I will admit but the majority of it feels just like filler.

I hate to keep coming back to this point but the truth is the film didnt give me much else to focus on, the biggest problem with The Hangover II is that everything within the film you’ve seen before and done better. The baby has been swapped out for a monkey, Mr Chows role from the first film has been swapped out for a rather pointless bit part from Paul Giamatti. Even the ending and the end credits imitate the first film, the constant recycling of ideas starts off as mildly annoying and then just becomes incredibly grating and insulting to the audiences intelligence. What does save the film from being terrible is Zack Galafanakis as Alan, the dopey naive man child and Ken Jeong the cocaine fuelled sex crazed crime lord. These two provide the humour from start to finish, quite frankly the rest of the cast could have been swapped out and it wouldn’t have made a difference but take out Jeong or Galafanakis and it would have left a massive dent in the film. These two not only work well comedically as individuals but when put together the polar opposites of both characters make for a great odd couple. If you see this film for any reason it should be these two, they are quite frankly the saving grace of a very flawed film.

I do hope this is the last round in regards this particular saga, I would quite welcome an Alan or Mr Chow spin off but another trip to the well would be too much. Heaven knows at points this was pretty hard to swallow but if Todd Phillips does go for a third wild outing with the wolfpack then im afraid this reviewer will be having himself a well deserved night in.


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