No HANGOVER for sequel at Box Office

Was there really any surprise? I mean really? THE HANGOVER PART II and the Wolfpack doesn’t fail to impress viewers as well as at the Box Office. The weekend was very kind to our trio of mischief makers. $86,480,000 was the number that they were able to navigate out of peoples wallets these last couple of days. That’s not counting the money that it made being released earlier in the week. Altogether, the comedy made a staggering $118,090,000 this past week. Its opening weekend total puts it in second for most made in a debut this year. Only PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES is above it and it pushes FAST FIVE into third place in that category.

Also with a Thursday release, KUNG FU PANDA 2 places second in the Box Office making $48,000,000. Its predecessor made $60.3 million without all of the 3D hype. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN falls to the third spot with $39,321,000. Its total number $152,916,000 puts it behind THOR and FAST FIVE respectively for tops this year. Number four is BRIDESMAIDS with $16,373,000 and fifth place goes to THOR, $9,365,000. The other new release, THE TREE OF LIFE, only made $352,000 putting it all the way at number 16.

This week will pit yet another much anticipated summer release against the already established juggernauts. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS comes out this Friday and will no doubt bring some serious competition to the playing field. The summer of movies is just getting started.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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