PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES drops anchor with $90.1 million

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new 2011 weekend box office champ! Knocking out FAST FIVE for highest grossing film during its debut weekend is none other than PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES. Can’t really say that I am tremendously surprised, it didn’t really have any competition this past weekend bringing in $90,100,000. Plus, it was a pretty good film overall. Entertaining enough for adults yet PG-enough for the kiddies. More than enough reason for Disney to feel good about their decision to continue the franchise with a fifth movie.

Coming in a pretty distant second is BRIDESMAIDS with $21,058,000. The R-rated female comedy has grossed a total of $59,518,000 in its two weeks of release. Not too bad for a film that many felt wouldn’t be able to hack it in a male dominated genre. Dropping two spots since last week into third place is your favorite god of thunder, THOR, with $15.5 million earned. It’s total paycheck stands at $145,406,000 edging it that much closer to that of the still reigning champ for total money made this year. That film, FAST FIVE, brings its whopping number to $186,219,000 after making $10,631,000 and taking fourth place this week. Settling into the number 5 spot is RIO with $4,650,000. This movie just refuses to go away still sticking it out no matter what new blockbuster surfaces.

The semi-big news is that although the latest PIRATES took the crown this week, it failed to sail as well as its predecessors. AT WORLD’S END made $114.7 million in its opening weekend and DEAD MAN’S CHEST really cashed in with $135.6 million. The latter was actually a then record back in July of 2006. Are moviegoers just getting tired of PIRATES or has the economy not completely recovered in time to not effect its sales? Either way, it still made the most so far this year in its opening weekend and looks to possibly pass FAST FIVE for the overall top spot. Only time will tell.

It certainly has its job cut out for it because next week is looking to be a movie all-star release weekend. THE HANGOVER PART II (May 26), KUNG FU PANDA 2 (May 26) & THE TREE OF LIFE (May 27) are all hitting the theaters which will no doubt cause butts to hit the seats, hard. The summer of movies is heating up.

For full box office results, check out Box Office Mojo.

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