The Tree Of Life premieres at Cannes to both booing and rapturous applause

Terrence Malick has constantly divided audiences. You only have to take one look at the reviews of The New World – a film that some have described as boring and monotonous while others placed it in their top films of the last decade – to see that.

With his newest release, The Tree Of Life, sounding like his most ambitious work to date, it shouldn’t be surprising, therefore, that today’s 8:30 a.m. premiere at Cannes was met with polarised opinions.

Some people were so mystified by the project, one that sees an adult man reflecting on his childhood relationship with his father intertwined with a story of the universe’s birth, that they smeared the film with booing as the final credits began to roll. Others, however, have hailed it to be a unique work of art.

James Rocchi of MSN movies tweeted this morning that the applause certainly outweighed the booing though. Plus, we must not forget how harsh critics can be in Cannes with films like Inglorious Basterds receiving notoriously poor reviews when they were first screened.

Does this put you off seeing the new Malick movie?

Sources: EW and Hollywood News
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