Must Watch Movie Trailer for THE RAID

Hold on to your seats and prepare for some awesome action. Here is the trailer for THE RAID, which was directed by Gareth Evans. I have not seen anything this cool since seeing Chow Yun Fat kick ass in HARD BOILED. Keep reading to check it out and see for yourself!

Here is a full-size poster:

The movie was just shown at TIFF, and below are some excerpts of reviews:

Firstshowing says – “Holy shit I haven’t seen an action movie this good in years! I felt that way only 30 minutes in, but after the full 100 minutes, I still felt the same and had to exclaim that here, right upfront, because it deserves that much praise.”

THR says – “Quite simply, this movie is a whole mess of bone-crunching, face-pummeling, throat-slicing and fist-pounding awesomeness. The midnight screening had people cheering, wincing and shaking their heads in disbelief.”

Bloody Disgusting says – “The Raid does everything right, and is so incredibly self-aware in its awesomeness that I envision the filmmakers jacking off to their own movie (I would too). If you’re expecting a kick to the head, instead you should probably expect 42 kicks to the teeth, a roundhouse, 362 punches to the ribs and then two broken legs. The Raid is ultra-cinema, the highest octane of energy you’ll ever see on the big screen. It’s a rush that’s only side effect is withdrawal – and the only fix is to see it again.”

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts!

Deadline also reported that Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda is creating a new musical score for the film. This movie looks AMAZING…share your thoughts below!

Source: MTV (via GeekTyrant)

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