Soundtrack Review: A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method is by no means a great film. Interesting ideas occasionally arise, but the story is generally monotonous, flat and alarmingly void of drama.

The same can mostly be said of Howard Shore’s soundtrack for the film.

The opening five tracks are outstanding as the repeated use of a suspenseful, haunting melody creates a brooding atmosphere; one that threatens to blossom into a full-grown crescendo.

Similarly, the album ends on a high as it reaches its climax. Well, aside from one gruelling and patience-testing piano piece that lasts over 30 minutes.

However, much like Cronenberg’s picture, the entire mid-section fails to make good of its early promises of something powerful and dramatic, soon fading into the background as it struggles to maintain your interest.

In capturing the repression that existed during the period in which A Dangerous Method is set perhaps it does a fine job, but it’s mostly forgettable aside from a few standout moments.

My review of the film can be found HERE

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